Chapter 5 – Axel

Time in Willow Creek: 2 weeks, 4 days

Harold’s attack on Hillary was probably the worst ever. Harriett felt so lost and hoped to find some way to bring him out of his hateful ways. That was the reason she kept her plan to get him out of the house that night; they all needed a break. When the coast was clear and high emotions seemed to fizzle, they went to the garden. In perfect Harold-like fashion, he was not feeling it and heckled her the entire time.

“Hurry up, woman! I ain’t gonna be settin out here all night… What are you doing? She’s talking to the dern tree!”

02-20-15_1-52 PM

“I married a crazy woman,” he muttered.

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When Harriett was done talking to the tree, they walked around the corner to Axel’s house. He looked surprised to see them as they didn’t call first. But then again, they never did.

02-20-15_1-56 PM

“Wha’s happenin, pops!”

“How you doin.”

02-20-15_1-55 PM

“Hey, mama!”

“Hey, son! How’s my boy?”

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“I’m doin alright, mama. Can’t complain. What brings y’all over here?”

“We were just in the neighborhood and thought we’d pay you a visit,” Harriett said.

“Oh did ya now?”

02-20-15_2-01 PM

If the truth be told, she liked to drop in on him at random times. She had a feeling her son was involved in some self-destructive activities and was not brave enough to ask him about it.

“Are you eating well?” Harriett asked.

“Of course, mama. You know I have my honeys come by and fix me something.” He laughed and elbowed her in the shoulder.

“I don’t like that, Axel. I don’t like that one bit!”

02-20-15_2-11 PM

“Hey, what can I say, mama. You created a very attractive son, here. The ladies can’t get enough! They call me Axe ‘cuz I just be choppin ’em down, you know what I’m sayin?”

He swung his hands as if he were swinging an ax and thrust his hips provocatively. Harriett was appalled.

“That’s my boy,” Harold said.

“Harold! Don’t encourage this behavior. This is no way to live, son! You need to settle down and find you one nice girl. Have a family! Get a real job. Bodybuilding isn’t a job!”

02-20-15_2-08 PM

“Chill out, mama. I’m doing just fine. I pay my bills just fine, and I haven’t gotten anyone pregnant…that I know of.” He laughed and winked at his father.

“Goodness gracious, Axel! You’re so reckless! Talk some sense into him, Harold!”

02-20-15_2-07 PM

She left them to cool off outside.

Harold and Axel stood in the hallway in silence for a few moments before Harold shared his own flavor of wisdom.

“You use protection?”

“Of course, pops. I’m not stupid.”

02-20-15_1-58 PM

“Good. Don’t bring no youngins round here.”

He turned around, joined his wife, and returned home.

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