Balderdash: Cajole

I love my son. He’s smart, funny, kind, and adorable as ever. Too adorable and smart, actually. He thinks I don’t know what’s going on, but he fails to remember I’ve been his age before. And, he gets his smarts from me. Emmanuel is a good boy, and under normal circumstances, he’s very helpful to me. But, as of late, he’s been extra helpful without any prompting. Don’t get me wrong. I love and appreciate the extra help, but it’s a bit odd. First, he began doing his homework as soon as he got home from school. At least, that is my assumption as he gets home before I do. When I would tell him to get started on his work, it’s already done.

Then there were the extra chores.

As if I wasn’t already suspicious, the flattery began and he poured it on thick.

“You’re so pretty. You’re the best mom in the world!”
“C’mere, you cute little flatterer! I love you!”

The problem is everyone knows I’m a sucker for my baby’s love! I eat it up and am left vulnerable to whatever schemes he has up his sleeves. Luckily for me, he is a good kid and would never deceive me or set me up for something bad. So, I waited for it. I knew it was going to be big. I braced myself. Finally, one night at dinner, it happened.

“I promise I’ll take care of it please please pleeeeeeeeease?”
“This is a huge responsibility, Emmanuel.”

A puppy! He wants a puppy. I can’t say I haven’t been expecting this, but I still managed to be caught off guard. I so wish my brother wasn’t standing behind me for that one. I’m never going to hear the end of it. Naturally, Emmanuel and I went back and forth about how much work puppies are and who’s going to take care of it. You know…the usual. As expected, he promised, with every fiber of his being, to take care of the dog 100% and vowed that I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. He’s so innocent.

“So, you’re getting a dog, Dre?”

“No, your nephew is getting a dog.”

“Oh? Ok! Well…congrats on your new dog, sis!”

He’s such an instigator! I can’t wait until he has his own children and sees how easy it is to give into them. Needless to say, Emmanuel was so excited when I said yes. I mean, how could I say no to such a sweet face?

All through dinner, he grinned at me. I’m not sure he ever took his eyes off me. He made me feel like a million simoleons.

I know, I know. You think I spoil the boy. You think I’m a pushover. Maybe I am. I can’t help it. In addition to being a sweet kid who gives me no trouble and deserves every good thing, I want him to have all the things I never had. I want him to make memories that will stay with him for the rest of his life. I want him to have stories to tell his children. Besides, it might be nice to have another little young thing running around. Maybe having a puppy will help cure this baby-fever I have.

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