Chapter 1: New Life

The first couple of days after I left home were life changing–and not in a good way. I didn’t go very far. I just went to the next town over. It was so close to home that I could actually run into my mom here. I hoped I didn’t. At least I wasn’t ready to face her at that time. I spent my first days living it up. You know how young knuckleheads do.


Most nights I got so drunk I just passed out wherever I was!

But some nights, the reality of my situation would hit, and in those moments I remembered that I was homeless. Night after night I walked the streets of Willow Creek as if it were going to change my situation. Or, as if someone would notice me and take me in. And, yes, at times the thought of just fixing things with my mom and going back home crossed my mind. But, I was so determined to prove her wrong, I stayed away. I slept everywhere:  outside, the gym, the library. I was miserable.


One day, I was jogging through a very wealthy neighborhood, and I saw a beautiful plot of land for sale. I thought it was strange that a piece of land so large and in such a nice neighborhood would be empty. I tried to forget about it, but it stayed with me. I went to the library to look it up. It turned out that it was the largest plot of residential property in the whole town! On top of that, it was only $10,000.

“I can actually afford that,” I said to myself.

I thought about it for a few days and ran past it a few times. One night I visited it, and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I bought this land, built a house, and had the most successful family in town? Hmmmm….” The next day I found myself in city hall receiving the deed to MY land! Remember when I said that I wasn’t stubborn, but I was ambitious? 🙂 I didn’t waste all my money on parties and booze. I had just enough to buy the land, build a shoe box house, a bed, and a toilet.

My father died when I was younger and left me a small inheritance. My mom had it in an account for me all these years collecting interest, and she finally gave me access to it as a graduation present. She hoped I would use it to go to college, but school just wasn’t for me. Besides, most of the wealthiest people in the world didn’t attend college. I planned to be one of them.

After I bought the land and built the house, my world changed. I had something that was mine, and I wanted to take care of it and grow it. I found a job as tech support agent. I even started scrounging around town for things I could sell to make extra money.


I had been tempted to get a credit card to finance some furniture, but that was a terrible idea. Highly successful people don’t finance furniture! I decided to be happy and content living debt free and buy things as I could afford them. So, for food, I always made friends with people having picnics–some weren’t that friendly though. I showered at the gym.


Things were tight and uncomfortable, but I was enjoying life. I had finally become a man.

Xavier Pruett: The Pre-story
Chapter 2: Better

39 thoughts on “Chapter 1: New Life”

    • Well hello there! I’m happy to have you join in on the fun 🙂 Yes, you’ll be reading for a while, but it will be fun roller coaster ride!!

  • I’ve been looking for a new blog to read, and I’m so excited that I found yours, because 1) this was a great intro – I loved the realism, especially the passed out/drunk pics! and 2) there are so many more chapters I have to catch up on! 😀 I feel like I’m about to sit down with a good book for the night, but better, because sims and screenies. XD

  • Fantastic intro! Proving our mom’s wrong is a task. I hope he won’t get too burdened with it. So far, he’s doing well, though. I also loved the message about being debt free! My husband and I literally just did that. So, no financing! Will continue to read. I have just a tiny bit of catching up to do, though. 😉

  • I like your introduction and how you fill in the gaps. I also like how you keep you posts short and it doesn’t feel like anything is missing.
    You got on to an intriguing start.

  • Great beginning, such a great way to explain why someone would buy a big empty lot like that and live on the lawn, 🙂

    I like how his whole attitude to life changed once he saw himself with a future. By the way, I’ve been wanting to read your legacy for a while but the number of chapters was daunting, so I’ve been creeping on the latest episodes. After I read your rules and About this morning, I was really inspired to begin at the beginning because your approach sounds similar to mine, with it developing into a blend between legacy and rotational play.

    • Awww! I’m flattered, Shannon 😀 This is so cool. Yeah, I played by the book up until gen 5 or 6 which is when the chapters start getting longer…and more interesting! I hope you enjoy this!

  • I am enjoying it a lot! Your Juliana story is also amazing; do you still plan to continue with it?

    I noticed you were saying you were going to have a break from the Pruetts, are you planning to hold off while mods are updated after Spa Day?

    • I miss Juliana so much!! Yes, I am going to get back to her. This story takes so much work–it’s basically like writing a novel! I’m finding it difficult to keep up with it while I have the legacy going. I tend to concentrate on the Pruetts because I want to be done with it. So, I decided to put her down for a bit so I can focus on finishing up the legacy and Brady’s boot camp. I wasn’t supposed to be doing boot camp now, but I just couldn’t help myself lol. So, once the legacy is over, I’m gonna TRY to take a hiatus and then I want to get a few Juliana chapters lined up so you all won’t have to wait so long between chapters when I get started again.

      I’m holding off on playing with the Pruetts now because I am sooooo far ahead it’s unreal. It’s almost unmanageable! So, it’s a self-imposed restriction lol.

  • I’m finally starting the Pruett’s! I’m going to read a little at a time, but I’m so glad to be started. I love the way you write, so I’m very glad there’s so much to read!

  • I can’t wait to learn more about the Pruett’s – I already feel a connection because I too left home many moons ago to prove something to my family and myself…

  • Hey hey!!! You and Rosie speak so much of the Pruitts that I decided to start! I’ll be reading a bit at a time but I’ll be commenting so you’ll know I’m reading! Love this start. I like how you incorporated the exhausted pass out as a drinking pass out! This start is great and what an original idea to have him homeless to start and “consider” purchasing the land!

  • Hello Jes! Super happy to start reading this legacy! Xavier is so determined, it’s admirable! And I like that he went out to drink until he dropped to celebrate his freedom in the beginning…sounds like something most people would do once they’re out on their own! I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop with him! 🙂

  • After looking forward to it for a long time now but still working through my must-read list (it’s only getting longer), this will finally be my next longer reading project. I’m so excited! 😀
    I like that you gave your founder such a special background. And now I’m jumping off to read at least a few chapters before going to bed 🙂

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