Chapter 29: Thank You For Being A Friend

It’s just me and Ava now. It’s really good that Aunt Joy hung around long enough to see Ava to young adulthood. I miss her and my dad, but Ava is taking really good care of me. We’re still just as good friends as we were when we were younger.

It would seem that we both have special relationships on our hands right now.

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Ava goes and hangs out at the park to deal with her grief, I guess. She met this dude named Jaxson and this girl named Dulce. To be honest, I think that’s a real ghetto name, but that’s just my opinion. She started bringing ol’ boy by the house to hang out and one night she invited Dulce over to meet me.

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That girl was FINE! She looked real sweet…just like her name! I didn’t even know her, but I wanted to make her fall in love with me…just because I know I can! Why? ‘Cuz I got it like that! I hit her with all the moves.

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10-12-14_7-32 PM

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10-12-14_7-39 PM

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Oh yeah…I’m the man! By the end of the night she was hopelessly in love, so I told her she could be my girlfriend if she wanted. Of course she did because I’m just AWESOME!

The next morning, which was actually a few hours later, Ava called me into her new secret spy office. Y’all know she’s a secret agent now, right? Oh, you didn’t? Man…I probably wasn’t supposed to say anything. Oh well.

“Aiden…you know I know things.”


“I know you’ve been messing around with that girl.”

“Hey, I can’t help that she can’t get enough of me!”

“You don’t even really like her, so stop messing with her head! Did you learn anything from your father’s situation?”

“Well, he kinda died before he taught me any practical lessons, so….”

“Don’t do that, Aiden! Don’t be a martyr. You’re too young to start messing your life up. I know you’re a self-assured kind of guy and you’re confident about everything, but there’s a difference between being confident and being conceited. Think on that!”

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