Chapter 34: Our Little Families

Dee works nights as the head dish washer at the diner. We didn’t think it was going to be a problem, but I think the effects of our opposite schedules are beginning to show. I haven’t really seen my wife since Jazzy was born! And when I do see her, she’s soo exhausted she just goes straight upstairs and crashes. I used to wait up for her so we could spend at least a few minutes together, but after seeing how she is when she gets home, I just go to bed now. Hopefully our days off coincide, otherwise we may begin to grow apart.

Ava and Jaxson have similar work schedules, so they aren’t struggling as much, but I think we’re all finding it hard adjusting to married life. They’re finding ways to spend time together though. Whenever Ava is working out the boys come and keep her company.

10-15-14_10-08 PM

I’m happy that Dee is trying to be creative like them as far as spending time together, but she needs to come up with something else! This girl actually woke me up out of my sleep one morning to see me. We made the best of it, but she will NEVER do that again!

10-15-14_10-16 PM

“Aiden! Aiden! Wake up, sleepy head!”

“Huh? What’s going on? Is Jazzy ok?”

“She’s fine. Come on, baby…wake up! I want to see you.”

“Take a picture,” I said and rolled back over.

“Aiden! Stop playing. Do you know how long its been?”

“Dee! I’m sleep! It’s 2:30 in the morning! What the plumbob do you want?!”

I didn’t meant to yell at her. She just hasn’t learned that NO ONE interrupts my sleep. I startled her pretty good with that one, and she started crying and talking about she was just trying to spend time with me and we never see each other and she was just trying to keep things going yada yada yada. (sigh) Well, you know what they say…a happy wife makes a happy life. I had to get up and go calm her down and assure her that I wasn’t trying to be mean…yes I want to spend time…blah blah blah. Well, seeing as how she completely ruined my night, I made sure there was something in it for me…he he he. A little woo hoo makes everything better!

Jaxson surprised me. He’s such a goofball, but when it came down to Cory, he was quite the authoritarian in the Broussard clan. He always made sure he had his homework done.

10-15-14_9-31 PM

“…and conversate is not a word!”

“Babe, don’t you think you’re laying it on pretty thick there? He’s only six!”

“It is never too early to learn correct grammar, Ava!”

“I know, honey…but lighten up, will you?”


10-15-14_10-12 PM

“So umm…how long are you going to be on that treadmill,” he asked with a goofy smile on his face

“Uhhh, about 17 more minutes. Why?”

“Well, you talked pretty strong to me in front of our son earlier. I think you should be punished,” he said trying to sound stern, but kept smiling.

“Oh do you now?”

“Oh yes. You were a very bad girl.”

“So what happens to bad girls?”

“You’ll find out in 17 minutes. I’ll be downstairs.”

Maybe I don’t get it because I’m so much younger than Ava, and she was single for a very long time; But those two go at it every chance they get! Every time I walk past their room they’re in there. I guess they’re trying to make up for all the times they were tempted while they were dating. Good for them. From what I see though, he’s very romantic.

Dee and I did end up sharing a day off once. I have really gotten into this gardening thing and am getting pretty good at it. Besides, with flowers worth as much as these babies…who WOULDN’T want to take care of them?? Besides, this is my house now, and I am responsible for it so I relieved Ava of her gardening duties. So one day, I was picking flowers and my wife quietly came out and starting helping me!

10-15-14_9-49 PM

I never discussed the flowers with her. As a matter of fact, we haven’t discussed any of our family traditions yet. But in her own special way, she knew that this was important and was going to be part of our lives forever and she just jumped right in! Wow. She’s really special. I think I might lo…I really appreciate her!

10-15-14_9-49 PM-2

One rare night, all four of us were at home…in the same room. The kids were upstairs sleeping, and it was very nice to just have the adults around.

10-15-14_10-54 PM

Jaxson and I were having dinner, and then the girls came in and we all had a nice conversation. Of course, the majority of the time we were talking about our kids, but we discussed other things too. Like, Ava was recently promoted to government agent, Jaxson was making strides in the entertainment industry, I’m always awesome, and Dee was well on her way to a promotion as well.

“Well,” Dee said nervously, “as long as we’re all sharing news…I have some news of my own!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

“We’re expecting again!”

10-15-14_10-52 PM

“Whaaaat? Shut the front door! Seriously?”

“Yes! Are you happy?”

10-15-14_10-53 PM

“Of course I’m happy! He he he, I got magic touch,” I said, dancing in my seat.

Honestly, I have no idea why I was so excited about having another baby. It’s not like I know anything about raising kids. I wasn’t the kind that dreamed about being a father. Heck, fatherhood just kind of snuck up behind me and mugged me! Maybe it’s because I was an only child. Or maybe it makes me feel good as a man to have little people running after me. Whatever the reason, I was super excited to be having another baby. I hope it’s a boy this time!

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