Chapter 40f: Advice Needed

I needed a fresh perspective. Of course I complain to my wife about this stuff, but she’s in the middle of it too. I needed Ava! She would know exactly what to say. I called her over one night to straighten me out.

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I told her everything…the attitudes, the disrespect, the promiscuity, the baby…everything!

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She was honestly shocked to hear all of it. She thought my children were angels…and so did it! But after she got over the shock of her little cousins/pseudo nieces and nephew, she said some very profound things.

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“Aiden, this is simple! You can’t see it though. Remember when Jasmine was born and you were walking around saying that ALL of your children were going to look like and act like you? Well…you got what you wanted!”


“Yes! Your kids are just like you, Aiden. That’s why they get on your nerves because you’re all just alike. It’s like you’re looking in three mirrors all the time.”

“No! I was nothing like them!”

“Oh puh-lease! I know you have it all together now, but you weren’t always Mr. Morality, sir. Remember I used to talk to you about Dulce! Remember what you  used to do with her?”

“Yeah, but–”

“Yeah, but what? Aiden, if I weren’t also in love, had just gotten married, and was pregnant, I probably would have been upset with you too! I know that this house was yours, but I was paying the bills. You didn’t have a job.”

She was right.

“So, tell me,” she continued. “What’s different about what Jayden is doing? I think he’s doing things a bit more honorably, actually. He narrowed down his choices, he developed good friendships with both of them, he chose one, and he promised himself to her. True, she doesn’t sound like much of a catch, but he’ll have to lie in that bed. We can’t do anything about that.”

“Very true.”

“Now, Jayla…her mischievousness is unfortunate, but that’s who she is. And guess what? She’s self-assured just like you? It’s no wonder she’s so confident.”

“Also true.”

“But, poor Jasmine. She was the sweetest little thing! She and Cory don’t even talk anymore. She probably doesn’t even know who he is! I can’t help you with that one. She needs professional help. I will say this though…our jobs as parents are to teach them. We can’t make them learn. We can’t make them listen. But we teach them anyway. What they do with those lessons is up to them, and we can’t feel responsible for what THEY do. THEY did it! Not you, Aiden. THEM.”

You know what? I haven’t seen Cory in a long time, but I just know he came out to be a proper gentleman because his mother is an amazing woman! She was pretty much like a second mom to ME. If he doesn’t listen to her advice, he’s a fool. Ava definitely pointed out some things that I hadn’t realized about these situations. I feel better about some parts and still lost in others. But overall, it just felt good to get all of that out.

Now, about this granddad thing….



Generation 5

Chapter 40e: Jasmine

18 thoughts on “Chapter 40f: Advice Needed”

          • Would you turn aging off in houses you aren’t playing in order to bounce around or just leave it? I’m trying to decide.

          • Not sure. I think I want to leave it. I mean, I want to continue their stories, but I’m not going to like play with them like all night or anything like that lol. I’m not sure if it’s necessary seeing as how I’m not going to do an entire blog on them. That’s something to think about though.

  • So…a word of advice: be mindful of your elderly Sims age when you’re jumping from house to house 🙁 If they die in the inactive house, you’ll miss it. But, on the flip side, when you get back to the house everyone is happy lol.

  • I agree…what a generation. I mean, wow. Such a mess! But, hopefully, some good will come out of it. I mean, Ava definitely helped Aiden. Hopefully, he can hang on a little longer. I hope Dee is helping. She’s not been around. Perhaps she ran away? lolol Just kidding.

  • I was very entertained with this Generation, Jes2G. I still cannot stop laughing at the voices in Jasmine’s head. Good thing Jaxson knew it was the right time to move out. What a bunch those kids were. And still are.

    Are your birthday cakes just really big cheeseburgers? lol 😀 That’s what they look like. A ginormous burger with candles on it. 😀

    • Yay! I knew you’d enjoy this generation 🙂 I know I did. The game has a few cakes you can make according to your cooking level. At level one you can make either a white cake or a hamburger cake. I thought it was more appropriate for Jasmine to do the hamburger one, he he he.

  • Ooooh Ava!! I’ve missed you cousin!!! I love that she’s so wise and tells Aiden exactly what he needs to hear!!

    And Jaz does need professional help for sure. She cannot continue making life decisions based on the ‘voices’ directing her!!

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