Chapter 7: My Almost Perfect Life

Life in the Pruett household had been busier since the arrival of our sweet Joy, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t manage. We were actually getting along quite well! For the most part, Joy slept through the night…which means we did too!

We had Joy’s birthday a few days ago, and oh what a little “Chatty Cathy” she has grown up to be! She’s always meeting new people and making friends. I swear she’s never met a stranger! I keep a close eye on her though. Who knows what kind of strangers she’ll meet!

Joy also loves the outdoors, so one day I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a family reunion of sorts at the park. Sandra’s mother and brother actually had not been by the house to meet Joy yet, so we invited them out to hang with us.

“Mom, can I please go play now? Please?”

“Sure, honey. Just stay where we can see you.”

I suppose the child was tired of all the “old people” already. She’s so cute. I can’t really tell who she looks like because she looks so much like both of us! I think she has my eyes and mouth, her mother’s nose, and my face. but it’s probably to soon to tell who she is going to look like. All I know is that she is beautiful.

Sandra and I were sitting and watching Joy when I had a very strong conviction.

“Babe,” I said.

“Yes dear?”

“Do you believe in legacies?

“Sure, I guess. In what way?”

“Do you believe that a family can go on and on forever? Not just in name, but in character, wealth, status…things like that?”

“I suppose so. To be honest, I’ve never considered it in modern terms. Most families like that existed hundreds of years ago.”

“Not anymore. Babe, we are the founders of what will be a very powerful legacy. I can feel it!”

“Wow! That’s really profound. So what are you thinking?”

“Well…first of all, I’m going to need a son….”

She gave me one of those “you must be crazy” looks and went back to watching our daughter.

Several hours later, back at home, Sandra was helping Joy with her homework. I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. To my surprise, Sandra had been considering our previous conversation! I love that woman soo much.

“Joy, honey…what would you think about having a little brother?”


Chapter 8: God Must Love Me

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