Chapter 76: Every Sim For Himself

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“Good morning, mommy,” Cadence said.

“G’morning, my angel. I meant to tell you….You’re doing soo well with the garden.”

“Thank you! I didn’t know anyone had noticed.”

“Child please. As valuable as it is? Everyone takes notice.”

She had Lance at valuable. He knew the flowers were part of his inheritance, but Brandon hadn’t really told him more than that.

“How valuable are we talking here,” he asked.

“They pay for this house and then some. That’s how valuable. Lance, your cooking is getting better and better. These pancakes are perfect!”

“Thanks, Aunt Bianca.”

“Mommy…we were all thinking about going to the park this afternoon. Is that ok?”

“Sure, honey.”

“All of us,” she asked referring to Melody.

“Yes,” she sighed. “All of you can go. Just talk to Uncle Brandon first.”

“Thanks, mommy!”

Eventually, all of the Pruett-Sheridan clan were awake, fed, and ready to go and made their way to Magnolia Blossom Park. As soon as they hit the premises, the boys ran off to meet people and left the girls behind.

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Cadence took advantage of this rare opportunity that Melody wasn’t preoccupied with Paxton and other Sims to talk.

“So, Mel…what’s up with you and mom? Why are you always in trouble?”

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“Because she’s old and doesn’t want me to have a life! She’s always saying that I need to study and do my homework. School is stupid! Nobody cares what kind of grades we make in the real world. It only matters that we have the right skills.”

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Cadence understood her point, but she didn’t buy it.

“I see. So what kind of skills are you building then? You spend all of your free time talking to Paxton, so when do you have time to work on your skills.”

Check mate. Melody knew Cadence was right, and she couldn’t come back with anything.

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“Am I right, or am I right? I’m pretty sure I’m right,” Cadence gloated.

“You’re soo annoying!”

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“Hey…look at that lady over there,” Cadence said. “She looks like mommy! I think that’s Aunt Brittany.”

“It probably is. We’re related to like everyone in town,” Melody flatly said.

“Let’s go say hi.”

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“Hi, Aunt Brittany,” Cadence said.

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“Oh my goodness!! Cadence Marie and Melody Christina?! I haven’t seen you little ladies since you were babies! My my MY look at how you two have grown! Come here!”

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“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe have beautiful and big you two are! I’m SO glad I ran into you girls. We’ll have to get together soon. I was just passing through, but it was really great to see you.”

“It was nice seeing you too.”

“Bye now!”

The park was filled with extended family members, and the kids got discouraged and thought about going back home around dusk. But then, all of a sudden, the park filled up with teenagers! There were teenagers everywhere!

“Is there a cheerleading competition in town or something,” Cadence asked.

“Who cares! Just start talking,” Melody said excitedly and ran off.

Everyone ran off to meet the new neighbors and left Cadence alone. It was every Sim for himself. Allen and Melody were hungry and grabbed some burgers before they began their feeding frenzy–pun totally intended :-). A dark-skinned Sim with bright blue eyes and flaming pink hair sat down and began a conversation with Allen. So…this is life with the big kids, eh? I could get used to this, he said to himself. Melody kept her eyes open for any cute strangers while keeping her eyes peeled for Paxton.

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Cadence felt a bit socially awkward. She did want a boyfriend, but didn’t exactly know how to go about it. And there were so many kids around, she felt overwhelmed. Almost paralyzed. Out of her peripheral vision, she saw a bashful, skinny, blonde kid with glasses staring at her. He looked just as pitiful as she did, so she decided to speak to him.

“Ummm…hi. I’m Cadence.”

“Hey. Cameron.”

“Nice to meet you.”

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Cameron thought that Cadence was beautiful and he could not believe that she was talking to him. He felt really good about himself, and his confidence grew.

“So…do you live around here,” she asked.

“In the big house in Oasis Springs.”

“Oh cool. We live in the big house here.”

“Ohhh, so you’re a Pruett then?”

“Yeah,” she said skeptically. “How do you know that?”

“Everyone knows the Pruetts.”

“Oh. So…you and your parents live in that house,” she asked evading the subject of family.

“Oh no. It’s more like a boarding house. There’s me and six other orphans and the house manager.”

“You don’t have parents?”

Just as they were getting into Cameron’s history, another kid walked into the conversation, and Cameron didn’t seem too happy about it.

“Yo Cam! We got to get this chess match goin, man!”

“I’m talking, Gavin,” he said with gritted teeth.

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“Oh! My bad! Go ‘head on and get your swag on, playa! Hey Pretty Lady. My name is Gavin Sheffield, how you doin? If you get tired of talking to Doogie Howser, you can find me over there at the chess table. Holla!”

Cadence didn’t know whether to laugh or be offended.

“Who was that?”

“My roommate.”


Lance had been nearby the whole time chatting up a cute Sim named Myra Macon.

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“…and so, that’s why you should never talk to strangers in the Alps.”

“Heh…that’s kinda funny…I think,” Myra said.

“Yeah, I’m a comedian. Well, I’m going to be a comedian.”

“A comedian? Your parents are ok with that?”

“My mom is. My dad thinks it’s a little lame, but who cares. It’s not like I need to do it for money. When he dies, I’m going to have all kinds of money!”

“Are you now,” she said with her interest piqued.

“Oh yeah. I’m an heir!”

“Hmmm,” she said looking a bit sad.

“What’s the matter? Did I offend you?”

“You’re an heir, and I don’t even have parents.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

The kids mixed and mingled until about 9:30 and called it a night. It was Sunday, and they had school the next day. They all went home happy and confident about their conquests.

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