7.5 An Even Newer Season – Part II

Allen’s decision

When we last left Allen, we learned that he was madly in love with Harley Jean. Well, I suppose he was more in love with her than he let on because he wanted to do something that shocked even me–your author–and I let him do it. Allen wanted to marry her! He proposed to her in the hallway outside of his bedroom one evening when she was visiting. Quite naturally, they eloped. After the “ceremony,” they proceeded into their room for the customary, celebratory, honeymoon romp…and came out with a honeymoon baby. Neither of them were expecting to get pregnant so soon, but they took it in stride. Allen was the least excited about it, but not bitter or upset–just very surprised. Harley Jean, on the other hand, was very excited. Allen did what any good husband would do:  take care of his family. While they waited for the baby to come, Allen was busy trying to find a place for his new family to live. It was always his plan to leave the roost. True, lately the brothers came together and were getting along, but there was always going to be that brotherly competition and fighting going on. Because it was not Allen’s job to continue the legacy, he decided this was the time to make his exit.

Allen and Harley Jean had a son, and they named him Justin.

They found a very cute two bedroom one bath house right next door to Melody!

12-28-14_4-42 PM

Melody was so very happy to have him as a neighbor. When her daughters began questioning her about their father, she needed to get a little air and clear her head. She walked 200 feet to Allen’s house to get away for a minute.

12-28-14_4-49 PM

“Hey, shug! Look who it is! Our favorite neighbor,” Allen said.

“Hello, Melody! You’re our first guest,” Harley Jean said.

“I was soooo happy when you guys moved in. It’s nice to have some family faces around. Where’s the baby? I bet he’s a cute as can be.”

“He’s sleeping. I can wake him up if you want to see him,” Harley Jean said.

“Oh no no, that’s fine. Don’t ever wake up a sleeping baby!”


“Come, sit. What’s going on, ‘cuz,” Allen asked.

12-28-14_4-51 PM

“I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I thought moving out here would help me get over it, but now the girls are asking me about him.”

“Really? Already? Sheesh! Your wounds are still open!”

“Yeah! And they’re pouring salt in them! What do I do?”

12-28-14_4-52 PM

“Wow…I have no idea, Mel. I really don’t.”

“I figured you wouldn’t. It was more a rhetorical question anyway.”

“I’m so sorry. I really wish you didn’t have to go through any of this. I’m telling you…the next time I see Pax, I’m gonna beat the plum out of him!”

“You have my blessing on that,” Melody said.

Only time can heal a broken heart. But, what do you do when things interfere and slow that time down or even reset the clock?

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