Choose Your Own Adventure – Audience Participation Required

Wow! Wasn’t that the most drama-filled, scandalous episode EVER?? I know I was on the edge of my seat writing it. So, first of all, I want to praise and appreciate all of my readers! Although I love this story, and just playing the game alone is fun, sharing this story with you all and knowing that people are desperately waiting for the next chapters to come out makes me soo happy and playing the game even more fun! I want to give a special shout out to Jamie, RoseAzul, and Desiknight who consistently comment whether here or on the forums. I always look forward to your comments.

Anyway…now for the matter at hand! I have NO CLUE which way I want to take this story!! I am seriously in limbo right now. So, I’m going to do something very different–and risky–and allow the fate of my story to rest in YOUR hands!!  AHHHHH! As a control freak, this is a little hard to do, but because I really have no idea it’s actually very exciting. What I’m going to do is hold a two-day voting event. You may vote as many times as you want because I know some of you have very strong opinions about this story. Invite your fellow Simmers to catch up on the story and vote as well. Heck, tell them the Cliff’s Notes version and have them vote if you’d like lol. I want as many votes as possible! I’ve chosen to not reveal the poll results because I want Uh Oh Part IV to be a surprise. SO…vote today and tomorrow, I will pause my gameplay until then, Friday night I will look at the results, and then I resume playing according to whatever the winning option is! I will write chapter 25 on Saturday, whether it is in the wee hours or the morning or the afternoon. You’ll have to stay on the edge of your seats until then! 😀  Happy voting!

Now, I don’t want to influence your voting at all, but here are a few of my own concerns that you may want to consider as well:

  • In real life, when a wife leaves the husband she takes the children. If I do that, then the legacy will be over. According to Pinstar’s rules, once a Sim moves out of the house, they can never return–heir or not.
  • If Adalyn leaves, what in the world could Donovan and Joy say to her that would make her agree to leave her son with him?
  • If Adalyn does leave, I’m sure Mabel wouldn’t mind moving in and then technically Thaddeus could be the heir. BUT…we all know that Aiden is the true and rightful heir. So, technically the legacy would be over, but I could still keep playing just to continue the story.
  • There is a hybrid solution, I think. Adalyn could divorce Donovan, but could stay in the house because she doesn’t want to upset and uproot Aiden. If Adalyn is still alive by the time Aiden has his young adult birthday (I don’t think she will be though), she could leave and give him the “option” to go with her or stay there. Of course he will choose to stay there.
Chapter 23: Uh Oh - Part III
Chapter 24: Me and My Boy

8 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure – Audience Participation Required”

  • Ooooo…I know technically the legacy challenge says he can’t leave the house, but wouldn’t it be fun if something like, “Adalyn kept Aiden’s true identity hidden from him after she left Donovan’s life, but when he became a YA, he decided to find out who his father was…dun dun duuuuunn…a fight for the heir ensues.” Haha. I get carried away.
    This is wonderful, and, on a side-note, makes me want to stuff like this on my blog! I love it so much and can’t wait until this weekend to find out what happens.

    • So glad you’re enjoying it!! I can’t wait either! I’m playing one of my other families until I see how people voted. They are SO not as exciting as the Pruetts! LOL

      You know what’s really cool about all this? I love all the new interactions in TS4, and so I get to do less orchestrating in this game and more observing. Like, I think in TS3 the majority of this story would have been contrived from my own imagination and I would force the Sims to do whatever to fit the story. But in TS4, THEY control how my story goes and I do very little to influence them. I love it!!

      Ok, so you’re saying that it should come out that Aiden has a different father?? Oh boy! lol Then I would definitely have to move Thaddeus in. I kinda want to move him in anyway, but I definitely need to have a good enough scenario to make it happen. I don’t think Mabel would go down without a fight!

      • Well…that’s one way. I was thinking that Adalyn moves out and raises Aiden not knowing who his father is. Then when he gets older, he discovers Donnie is his father and learns about the legacy. From there, maybe he makes a move to over throw his half brother since technicalky he is the rightful heir.

        And I so agree about the game play. They do so much more on their own in this game. It makes it more interesting.

        • Ohhh, ok. So like he was “so young” when he left that he doesn’t remember his father? That WOULD make an incredible episode, but it would be a random and kind of weird thing to do right now. You’ll see why tomorrow 🙂 However…it could work depending on what you guys choose in your voting 😉 And the plot thickens!!

  • Obviously I cannot vote now as this is already complete but I would have voted for Adalyn to stay with Aiden though I really like Jamie’s idea that Aiden didn’t know his father and then finds Donovan later when he’s a YA!

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