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I hope you’re having a fantabulous weekend. I’m gonna cut right to teh chase. 😀

We are at a point in Delicious Dishes & Dreams where I have introduced all my future plans for our beloved Pruetts and company. Problem is I have no idea which storyline I want to do next! There isn’t anything specific that I absolutely need to do next, so I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the freedom I have right now lol. I’ve decided to let you all choose the next few chapters! Whatever you choose will include a minor time jump because we need to keep this train moving. So! What do you feel like next? Some #Manveer hotness? More Julio and Aubrey? Julio, Jonathan, and the future memorial park? Some random home stuff with Skyla and/or Oliver? Jonathan and Derek? Whatever you decide, I will do! May the odds forever be in your favor! 😛 Choose as many as you like. This poll will be open until Wednesday. In the meantime, I think there’s a DJ chapter in your future. Take care!

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