Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 E20

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Welcome back, everyone, to the last episode before the season finale of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! Can you believe it? It has been an amazing journey! For the last challenge, we have sent the contestants on vacation! Well, that’s what they think. This is a temptation challenge! Our three contestants are in Granite Falls as we speak, but there is no camera crew and no trainers. They are out there all by their lonesome! What will they do when we’re not around to encourage them? Well, we have closed circuit cameras all around the cabin and on the property. We can watch their every move, but we can’t hear what they’re saying! We’ll ask them about their experience tomorrow night at the grand finale. So, how will we determine who is the winner tomorrow? We will measure their weight loss and muscle gain for the week as per usual. But, they will also receive a penalty for each marshmallow they eat! It’s very important that they stay the course when they’re on their own. When the cat’s away, will the mice play? Let’s watch!


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