Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 EP 2

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Welcome back to season one of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! In this episode, the contestants have their first workout with Brady and Viv! Who will crack under the pressure? Has anyone had enough yet? Find out!


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Grant:  “You ready for this?”

Nico:  “Heh…I don’t think anyone can ever be ‘ready,’ but, yeah…I think so!”

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Jayda:  “When I saw Viv and Shug come up those steps, I thought I was gonna pee in my pants! HA! Oh llamas! Viv is only the baddest chick in fitness!

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Jayda:  “When Brady gets done with me, I’m gonna look just like her. Mmmm hmmm! Don’t miss it!”

"So, Jayda, what's your story?"
“So, Jayda, what’s your story?”

Jayda:  “Am I being punked?? Did Viv just sit down next to me? I almost choked on my breakfast! Well, I’m not very proud of my story, but it’s mine and I’m gonna tell it. I’m 33, and I have four beautiful children. I would fight a llama naked in the street for them! Don’t play! I do everything for those kids! EVERYTHING! I didn’t really see it then, but I put my children before everything. Even my own health.

“Four babies will put all kinds of weight on ya! I didn’t make time to workout. I had to be with my kids! And they’re really active in school, so we’re always running here and there. I stop at the park and grab some burgers in between their events. I wasn’t getting enough sleep or anything, and I just wasn’t taking care of myself. I thought that was just the life of a busy mom!

“But…oooooh, I’m not gonna cry! Hoooo! [sniff] I started to get sick. I thought I was just stressed, so I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it would pass if I got some sleep. My husband, Watcher bless him, he started getting frustrated. He was always yelling at me! I thought he was just mad because I lost my girlish figure and he wanted me to lose some weight, so I didn’t listen to him. I kept on doing what I was doing, getting bigger and bigger and sicker and sicker. We were fighting all the time! I just didn’t get it. We were in a really bad place. Sometimes I thought he might leave.

“One time, I had gotten so sick, I ended up in the hospital for a few days. It was bad, y’all. They said I had a heart condition! Nobody in my family has heart problems! I remember laying in that hospital bed…I had all kind of machines around me and tubes coming out of me. All these noisy monitors beeping. My husband was right beside me holding my hand when I woke up. He look like he had been crying all night. It really broke my heart! He said, and I’ll never forget it…he had started crying again, and [sniffing] he said, ‘You need to change! [tears] If you want to kill yourself, you can do it alone. I will take our kids away from you before I let them watch you die.’

“Y’aaaaaall! You don’t threaten me with my kids now! I’m telling you! The doctor told me that with proper diet and exercise, I can keep myself healthy even with this condition. That was my wake-up call! It took me almost dying to realize that I only get one body, and I need to take care of it. I’m going all the way in this competition! I can’t go home. I’m afraid of what might happen if I go home.”

Viv:  "Jayda! You're really amazing! I hope you're proud of what you're doing here."
Viv: “Jayda! You’re really amazing! I hope you’re proud of what you’re doing here. I’m quite sure your family is”
Jayda:  "I'm not losing my family over something as silly as a few pounds! I'm a fighter!"
Jayda: “I’m not losing my family over something as silly as a few pounds! I’m a fighter!”

Sugar:  “Alex…I just have to know…what are you doing here? I’m gonna start calling you twigs!”

Alex:  “HA! You’ve got jokes! Well, you know…I’m trying to look like Brady! Isn’t that what you ladies like?

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Sugar:  “I have no idea how he got on this show! But, if you think about it, it’s Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp and not Crazy Brady’s Weight Loss Camp. I suppose he has the same right to be here as everyone else.”

Brady:  "Ok! Let's go to work people!"
Brady: “Ok! Let’s go to work people!”

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Brady:  “I’m always rooting for the underdog. That’s who I was in my family. I started out as a spare in a legacy. The girl I loved didn’t love me because I was insane, and I couldn’t find anyone else to love me–until I found Viv, of course. The only thing I had going for me was my fitness. When I looked over and saw Braylon at the punching bag, I had a connection with her. She’s the underdog! I’m sure some people don’t think she deserves to be here, but…hey, if she thinks she has a reason, that’s good enough for me! I just had to go over to her.”

"No, seriously, Braylon. You're not going to accomplish anything by smacking it like that. Pretends it's an ex-boyfriend or something!"
“No, seriously, Braylon. You’re not going to accomplish anything by smacking it like that. Pretends it’s an ex-boyfriend or something!”

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Viviana:  “Well, of course I had to go work with Jayda! Her story was inspiring! SHE is inspiring! It’s sad what she had to go through to get here, but I’m really glad she’s here. I like working with driven people.”

Nico:  “Man…I hadn’t worked out in a looooooong time. I’m not as young as everyone else, and my joints and muscles are definitely letting me know it.”

Acacia:  “Heh! It’s just a little running! Yes, I haven’t done it in a while, but it’s no big deal. Everyone thinks you have to run with great intensity to lose weight. I say it’s all about endurance. How long you can run instead of how fast. I’m jogging, slowly increasing my heart rate which will be easier to maintain when I hit my stride. I’ve got everything under control.”


Grant:  “Come on, Brady…[panting]…I just need [huff…puff]…a minute!”

Brady:  ” A MINUTE?! A grandma can run faster than you! PUSH IT!!!”

"Man....How did he know I was thinking about cupcakes? They're just so good!
“Man….How did he know I was thinking about cupcakes? They’re just so good!”

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Nico:  “I fell off the treadmill. I should get an award for being the first. I was thinking this workout couldn’t end fast enough. It was really cool of Viviana to notice that I got right back on though.”

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Sugar:  “Hey, twigs! How’s it going?”

Alex:  “Arrrrrr, how do you think?”

Sugar:  “If you ever want to talk, or get some extra workouts in, I’m around!”

Sugar:  “I don’t know what it is about Alex! I’m just drawn to him. He’s so small…I just want to help him.”

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Braylon:  “Arrrrg! I didn’t want to stop working out, but I had to pee so bad! I couldn’t hold it anymore! I hope no one thinks that I just quit. I can’t go home this early in the competition!”

Shortly after Braylon made her exit, most of the other contestants ceased their workouts as well.

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Sugar:  “This Acacia is cool as ice! All the other contestants just stopped working out and went to chill without a cool down. But this woman got off her treadmill and started dancing! I think she knows exactly what she’s doing here. I just had to join her. She’s so cool!”

Yeah...I'm gonna sit here and make sure my head is ok. I feel a bit woosy.
Yeah…I’m gonna sit here and make sure my head is ok. I feel a bit woosy.
Ahhh...this dessert air is so nice! Great weather to sit outside and read.
Ahhh…this desert air is so nice! Great weather to sit outside and read.

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Sugar:  “Hi Acacia! Tell me…how do you stay so calm and in control?”

Acacia:  “Because I am in control. I know how things work, and I know how to respond to them. There is no need to get bent out of shape.”

Sugar:  “Such patience! I could use more of that.”

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Jayda and Grant were the last two contestants to finish their workouts, and boy oh boy did the competition between them get thick!

Jayda:  “I’ve got four kids, Grant. You can’t keep up with me!”

Grant:  “Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!”

Brady:  “WOOOOO! COME ON JAYDA! YOU CAN DO IT! You two are the last ones! Make it count! Go go go!”

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Grant:  “I guess I can keep up with you, huh?”

Jayda:  “Please! You only beat me by three seconds. You’re all right, Grant! You’re all right.”

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Jayda:  “I can’t believe he beat me! That’s ok. I’m gonna keep my eyes on him! I think it if came down to two people at the end, and I intend to be one, I think I’d like the other one to be him.”

Later on that evening, the coaches had dinner with the contestants.

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Braylon:  “This has just been the most horrible day! First, I cut my workout short because I had to pee. And now, I’ve learned that I got called into work! Don’t they know that I’m away right now?? GUH! I’m trying to change my life for the better, and all they can think about is the business? Typical. I hope no one thinks I’m being a slacker or anything. I really was not expecting that to happen…and it’s never gonna happen again! I am here to win!”

Brady:  “Well…you made it through the first day! You all should be proud. I like the heart and the attitude that I saw in all of you today. I just want you to remember this. Yes, this is a competition, and all but one of you will go home. That’s just the nature of how things go. But, don’t think of it as a competition! Just get in there and work your plums off, eat the right things, and do it every day. The changes you are looking to see will happen whether you’re on this show or not if you develop these habits. If you work hard, the audience will notice.

Alex:  “I’m not gonna lie…while everyone was talking at dinner, I was totally thinking about burgers and fries! The caprese salad was good and all, but it needed a little meat with it!”

 After dinner, Brady, Viviana, and I said goodnight to the contestants and left them to themselves. Before Viv retired for the evening, she got her own workout in and was surprised by what happened next.

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Jayda:  “I don’t even know why I tried that. I ain’t NEVER lifting weights unassisted ever again!”

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Nico:  “Did she see me? I hope Viv saw me. It’s gonna take more than a little bump on the head to get me down!”

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Acacia:  “Uh huh! I know all about the hill challenge. This isn’t my first rodeo with fitness.”

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Grant:  “I’m so proud of this first day. I had a shaky start, but I made it through. All I could think about while I was running was my fiance, Clarice. She’s the reason why I’m here.”

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Nico:  “There is no way I’m going to let these young kids beat me. Yeah, I may be as tired as a Gee Manray record, but I’ll be ok.”

It’s been an interesting first official day at The Lodge. How will the contestants fare for the rest of the week? Find out next time on Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp!

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