Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep11

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! Last episode, it was an emotional goodbye to Jayda Pollard. This week, the remaining four contestants will continue to stretch their way toward the grand prize. This week, we focus on making sure they maintain a positive self-image and self-esteem. What do we have cooked up for them this week? Stay tuned!


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Viviana: Good morning, winners! I know it’s very early, but I’m sure most of you are used to being up and at ’em this early when you are at home, and that is exactly the point. When you return to your normal lives, and your normal schedules, I trust that you will be adding regular workouts into your schedules. Most people do not have gyms in their homes, and the majority of you will find yourselves at your local gym.

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Brady: That’s why we’re here! Over the past two weeks, you all have been living together, dining together, working out together, and I’m sure you’re all quite comfortable with each other. But, that isn’t reality. When you return home, and to your local gyms, you’ll be around strangers; you’ll probably run into a gym rat or two. So, consider this as a preview to your new life. And keep in mind how you feel around others today for when we talk about it later on in the week. Ok! Let’s work!

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The contestants filed in downstairs to the gym. Some looked nervous.

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Nico: I’m too old for this. First all of, I’m not sure why Grant had to pick a treadmill near her. Second of all…(sigh)

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Nico:  As soon as I saw Grant leave, I moved in. I had to at least make myself known to her before some young dude steals her attention. But…what do I say?

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Braylon: Oh! Hi Nico! When did you slip in?

Nico: Just now….This is a really nice gym, huh?

Braylon: It really is! I’m totally digging this view. Someone really knew what they were doing when they placed these machines over here.

Nico: Heh…yeah, imagine that. (Come on, Nico…think! Say something before she leaves.)

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Nico: Ummm…so, do you guys have a gym at home? You probably do, being a legacy family and all…

Braylon: Oh, right! You’re from a legacy family too! That’s so cool. I’ve actually never met another legacy family member.

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Acacia: When I looked up and saw Nico and Braylon conversing, I was so happy. I was not certain he was brave enough to do it. I hope it went well.

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Braylon: Imagine…two legacy spares ending up in the same place. I can’t wait to tell my brother about this.

Nico: I take it he’s the heir?

Braylon: Yeah. Also my twin. Heh, I missed out on being the heir by just two minutes!

Nico: Did you want to be?

Braylon: Nah. It’s a lot of responsibility…but you know that.

Nico: Oh yes. I know it very well. You, ummm, I’m sure you would have done well with it…finding a spouse and all…you’re…you’re a beautiful woman.

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Braylon: Oh! Ummm, thank you, Nico. Are you…flirting with me?

Nico: No. Just telling the truth. Is that a crime?

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Braylon: No…not at all.

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WHOOOA! *thunk*

Braylon: Nico? Are you ok? hee hee hee

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Acacia: Poor fellow.

After everyone’s workout, and exploring the gym, everyone tried yoga–even Brady!

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Braylon: Brady! Was this your first time doing yoga?

Brady: Yep! You’re never too fit to try something new!

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Join us next time when we discuss how the contestants felt about exercising in public!

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