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Mrs. Oliver’s guitar had sat in the corner of the living room like a child in a dunce cap for almost three decades. One day, Skyla decided to pick it up to see if she had her mother’s talents. She didn’t. That didn’t stop her from practicing though.

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Maya didn’t know anything about her grandmother. She simply wanted to do something her mother did. So, Skyla bought her a violin. She instantly recognized that Mrs. Oliver’s talents were not a dormant trait that skipped a generation, but she was glad that her daughter was trying something new. However, she didn’t stick with it.


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Soon enough, the twins had their birthday. Benjamin, the 10th generation heir, is the one on the right, and Adrian is on the left.

Story time was always a big hit.


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Having three small children was not without its challenges, but it wasn’t anything Jonathan and Skyla couldn’t handle.

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Skyla often took a step back to gaze upon her not so little family in amazement. She remembered all that time she spent being depressed and anxious about when she would be in this place. As much as she wanted it then, if someone would have told her how happy she would be, how deep in love she would fall with her young ones, and how perfect her life turned out, she wouldn’t have believed it.

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She loved her life and would change not one detail. Her kids thought she was pretty awesome too.


Soon enough, it was time to celebrate Maya’s birthday. It’s amazing how much she looks like Skyla, but yet so different. Skyla celebrated her adult birthday a little bit before Maya, and Jonathan’s elder birthday was approaching fast. Seeing as how his life had just begun to ramp up, he decided to take the youth potion to enjoy his children while he was still a young man. And, also to be closer in age to Skyla.


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Well, they thought they were done sharing big news, but…surprise! They got a little too excited in the brand new hot tub one afternoon. They should remember how “dangerous” skinny dipping is from their buff in The Bluffs escapade. Oh well. Congrats, you crazy kids!

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Jonathan was pretty happy about the news. It’ll grow on the boys. It was anticlimactic for Maya.


Shortly after the baby was born, Benjamin and Adrian celebrated their birthday. They wasted no time joining Maya and their older cousins’ nights out on the town. Benjamin is the one with the hair combed to the side, Adrian has the curly hair and sagging pants, that is Juliana with the braids, and Mark in the red. The other kid is a childhood friend of all of them.

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Juliana celebrated her young adult birthday at home with the entire family present. Isn’t she lovely?


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Jonathan is now at level 9 of his career and has a very competitive salary. Between his salary, the flowers, and Skyla’s paintings, the Pruetts are doing quite well for themselves now. Their bank account may not have many decimal places; the house may not be as grand as the Pruett Estate; they may have to clean their own bathrooms and fix their own broken things; but if you believe that they would be happier back in the estate, you would be wrong.


At last. Meet Victoria Pruett: the last generation 10 child. She is named after Skyla’s mother.



The End







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10.3 Days Gone By

49 thoughts on “Epilogue”

  • Fantastic! Such a great family. I love them so much and it’s so great to see that you continued to play the game to see some of generation 10 through. They have a beautiful family and I hope to see more of the Pruetts down the road! Congratulations, again!

  • They are such amazing looking kids. Maya is probably more breath-taking than her mother. And the twins are so adorable. And Victoria! I love the name Victoria. Not only is she named for her grandmother, but for the victory of finishing a legacy :p I hope good things happen to these kids.

  • The kids are as beautiful as their parents. I hope we’ll see them around in your other or someone else’s stories. Would be too sad if the Pruetts didn’t show up here and there, time to time. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the Pruetts and their stories with us. Been an awesome ride.

  • I don’t know where to start my friend. This was not epic, it was so much more than that. I am so grateful for this story of love, loss and accomplishment. It was extraordinary! So many memorable characters I have to say that I thought Bianca was my fav but Viv blew her out of the water for me she was everything a superhero should be, I loved that she lived the longest it was such a special generation for me. When Tony stole the legacy, I was flummoxed, I thought Jonathan would figure a way to get it back. However, the way you resolved it was so much better. They went back to their roots, experienced the life of Xavier it was a ‘full circle’ experience that was both parts humbling and amazing. I loved your way of making each gen its own story though, it wasn’t the ‘oh gawd he has to fall in love’ it was a struggle and journey for them all lol and I loved it. I cannot wait ( and I mean that sincerely) for your next legacy, I have a feeling it will be an even more phenomenal tale. <3

    • Weeeeeeeeeeee! You made it!!! GOSH you read SO much! I have so much respect for people who binge on this story…especially these last two gens LOL. ACK! I have so many questions like what did you think of this? And what did you think of that? But, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! My next legacy…wow…YEAH! I’m actually kinda excited to do it too! I’ll wait a little bit though. Besides…we need for Chaz and Bristol to have kids first!! he he he
      Thank you sooooooooooo much for enjoying my stories like you do! It’s so encouraging and heart warming. I could read your comments all day! 😀

  • AH! 😀 That was an amazing legacy. I wasn’t expecting it to end like that, but it was almost like it went in a full circle 🙂 I’m amazed and inspired, and I’m definitely going to be reading your other stuff x

    • I CANNOT believe you read this whole mammoth thing in three days!!!! YOU ROCK! I should start creating binge reading awards lol. I’m so glad you enjoyed this, and happy to to have you reading my other stories!

  • Very awesome Legacy Challenge story, Jes2G. Of course it never ends as I can see with the epilogue. Even after that it really never ends. This was my first Legacy story I read for The Sims 4 and am happy it was. This encourages me to read more of your stories.

    I think reading previous comments, you’re on Origin. May I add you? I also saved the SimLit link you gave to someone else earlier. Will check that link out as well.

    Again, well done on this Legacy!

    • You’re finished! Congrats! Wow…so much reading lol. I totally admire everyone who reads this story! And this was your first legacy story?? Oh my goodness I feel extra special now 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I definitely enjoyed getting your comments! Sure you can add me on Origin. I’m Jes2G there too. I’m looking forward to your comments on my other stories 🙂

      • I’m at work right now, but will get get on Origin when I get home in a few hours.

        Yes. I’ve never really read any Sims 4 Legacies as I wasn’t interested into the Sims 4 until a month or so ago. I was always playing my Sims 3 games and reading those legacies.

        But after seeing more positive of The Sims 4, I wanted to give it a chance. And of course, that meant reading The Sims 4 Legacies. I actually did a Google search and this site was in the top lists. 🙂

        I ended up starting my own Legacy story. Not with the Challenge tho. I’d break the rules probably in Generation 1. So didn’t bother even trying to stick with it. Plus it’s more fun for me just to play and write something about it.

        • I’m on the first page? Now that is awesome lol. This is actually the first legacy challenge I’ve ever done, and the first Sims story I ever did. I didn’t even know people wrote stories with this game until TS4 came out. I had to try it…and now I’m addicted lol. You’re doing a legacy too? That’s great! I want to do another one, but I’m DEFINITELY not following any of the rules next time LOL. I started out with good intentions, but after a while I just had to break the rules. You’re right. Just playing and writing is fun enough without a bunch of restrictions.

  • Aww, look how well they’ve done for themselves, and who would have thought they’d end up with so many kids!

    I love how you wrapped things up, it’s a really unique conclusion to a legacy and felt like more of a natural ending then just “ok, the generation 10 heir is born, let’s wrap it up folks!”. Bringining it all back to the beginning was awesome. And well done for managing to pull this off as a happy ending even though they lost all of their fortune!

    Can’t believe I’ve actually read all of it now. Took me almost as long as it took you to write it haha! But I’m glad I took my time to do it gradually and get to know each generation rather than trying to power through it quickly and loose track or burn out.

    Now I just have to figure out which of your stories to read next! 🙂

    • Weeeeeeeeeee! Congrats! You conquered Mt. Pruett LOL. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed this ending! It wasn’t exactly how I originally planned, but I think it turned out exactly how it should.
      Now I need to tackle these Bloomers lol. As far as what to read next, I guess it depends on what you’re in the mood for! Want some comedy? Try Keeping Up With the Joneses. There’s a throwback Pruett family in it too! 😉 Want to sorta kinda continue the Pruett legacy? Try Delicious Dishes & Dreams. Want a glimpse of what life could have been like if Melody and River would have met instead of Melody and Paxton? (and Bianca and Giancarlo met earlier in life) Try F.I.S.H. Need a break from the Pruetts and want something a bit serious? Try Discovering Juliana. Oh, I always forget about The Wonder Kingdom. That’s Devan and Leliana’s new life. Sheesh…I need to retire some of these stories LOL. Did I get them all? I don’t even know lol. 😛

      • Yeah I was wondering how long you had the ending in mind, was it in the works for quite some time?

        I was contemplating Juliana! Maybe I’ll do a little taster reading session around christmas to see what I’m most in the mood for 🙂

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