F.I.S.H. – 3.19 Lucky

Melody didn’t know what to do. Her baby was hysterical, and her husband was somewhere else in danger. She wanted to find him and help, but that was stupid. They’d both end up in danger, and then who would take care of the child? No, her place was there on the porch comforting the poor, frantic girl. Within minutes, however, the street was covered in black, official-looking vehicles, but no police cars. The S.I.A.? How did they know? Men in suits and tactical gear spilled out of the vehicles and stormed into the building. She was grateful but oh so confused.

A man in a blue, pin-striped rushed to her. “Mrs. Pitts?”

“Y-yes?” She stood and held her daughter even tighter.

“I’m Chief Huntington. Everything is going to be fine.”

“H-how did you know?”

“We heard them come in.”

She cocked her head.

“The room. We bugged the room.”

Another man joined their conversation. “Chief…” 

“Excuse me.”

The chief walked away leaving her completely befuddled. Was the house bugged too? Could the criminals have bugged their house as well? How did they know Harmony would be at the hotel?

“Ma’am?” A man with a weapon on his hip came to her. “I think you two should wait inside.” He motioned toward a town car.

“But, what about–”

“Things could get ugly, ma’am. You’ll be safe in here.”

She hurried Harmony to the car and watched the commotion, trying to make sense of it, but there were so many people going every which way.

Someone got into the front seat of the car and started it.

“Hey! Where are you taking us?”

“Our hospital. Agent Pitts is going to be there soon.”

“But, I…” She just wanted to see him, but there was no use fighting it.

To her surprise, they didn’t go far. They stopped in front of a building she had seen many times but had no idea it was a hospital. Nevermind the S.I.A.’s hospital. She was told to wait in the lobby and assured the building was safe. Melody wanted to call someone and tell them what happened, but she couldn’t. She didn’t even know what happened. Harmony was still badly shaken, and she didn’t want to ask her.

Two hours later, a nurse announced she could see River. They hurried behind the woman anxious to see their loved one. He was badly bruised and wrapped in bandages. His eye was blackened and knuckles were swollen.

Harmony began crying again. Melody shushed her and told her to sit while she made sure daddy was ok.

She dropped down beside him. “Riv,” she whispered. “Oh, Watcher, are you awake?”

He groaned and struggled to open his swollen eyes. He was in so much pain, he struggled to raise his hand. She grabbed it.

“Hey, Bae. I was just taking a little nap.” His voice was so weak and gravelly.

Her heart leapt for joy. “Oh thank the Watcher!

“What happened?”

“Cracked ribs.”

Her eyes got as big as eggs. “What?? Who? Why?”

His eyes darted to Harmony and back to her. “They tried to take her,” he whispered.

She was about to commence a Defcon 5 level freakout, but River squeezed her hand and shook his head.

He continued whispering. “She’s already scared. Keep it together.”

She nodded, but her face was as red as an apple.

“Where’s my princess,” he said in a normal voice.

Harmony sobbed when she saw his face. Melody grabbed her.

He held out his hand for her. “I’m ok, princess. I’m ok. I need you to be a big girl and be brave, ok? Can you do that for me?”

“Yes,” she choked out between gasps.

“Ok, sweetheart. Hey…you did good, ok? I’m proud of you.”

The door opened, and Guy and the chief walked in.

“There’s our wounded warrior,” Guy said.

Melody felt so conflicted. She still wasn’t used to him not being the guy from the HOA. It still didn’t feel real.

“Chief,” River said.

He wanted to sit up, and she helped him.

“Excellent work, Agent Pitts. You were able to hold them off long enough for us to get there and nab them. We’ll get them to talk and get to the bottom of this in no time!”

“Thank you, sir.”

Melody didn’t like all the shop talk in front of the child. She cleared her throat and glanced over at Harmony who was wiping her tears. 

The chief got the hint and walked over to her. “Hey, little lady. You’re very brave and very lucky.” He turned his attention back to River. “Come see me as soon as you’re able. Make sure he gets some rest.”

“I will.”

“Y’all take care now,” Guy said.

An hour later, a nurse announced they were free to go and a car awaited them outside. Melody went to help him again, but he refused.

“I need to do it or I’ll never get strong.”

“But, you shouldn’t be moving at all right now!”

“Just let me do it, please.”

She stepped back and watched him huff and puff and contort himself to sit up. He used the back of the bed as leverage.

“AHHH!” He attempted to shimmy himself off the bed and probably hurt everything inside. “This recovery is going to suck!”

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