Giancarlo’s Farewell | Words from Brandon

Giancarlo was truly my brother from a different mother. I regret that our relationship did not begin to flourish until a few months ago. He sought me out and cared for me when I needed a friend and someone to talk to. I do not believe my sister could have found a better husband even if she created him herself. There is only one Giancarlo Sheridan, and there will never be another Sim like him. It has been my honor and privilege to share a house and be in the same family as he. There have been some Sims generations before me who married into the family and wanted to leave and begin their own legacies. That is very honorable for them. But, I am glad that Giancarlo decided not to take my sister away and began his family in my home. There are things even now that I wish that I could say to him and advice I need, and that will be the hardest part about losing him right now. But, I will take what I learned from him and teach those lessons to my sons. I love you bro.

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