Help Me Decide! – Reader Participation Requested

Hey folks! I need your help. First of all, I just want to point out that none of this is a spoiler. I would never give the plot away…in public ;-). Those of you familiar with these legacy challenges, you’ll understand. It’s just the way these things go.

SO…I’m a planner. I like to think ahead. Brady had the whim to ask Viv to marry him before I wrote chapter 8.23. So, I wrote it, and as soon as I hit publish, I was like, “Oh no….” Oh no, what? Oh no, the house was going to be full very soon, and someone has to go!

No, Owen has not found his true love or impregnated someone. I promise, nothing is going on with him in that way lol. I’ve just been thinking about it, and I cannot decide who should go: Alayna and her family, or Brady and his family? That’s not a spoiler either. A few chapters ago, you learned that Brady wants kids very badly, and Vivianna is family oriented; It’s a known fact that they will have children very soon :-).

What do you all think? Which family should move out? I’ll make the best case for both of them, and then leave their fate in your hands; but I suppose that ultimately this is probably more of a popularity contest. I won’t announce the results. You’ll see who won when the time actually comes for them to leave. I’ll leave this poll open for 24 hours.

The Holmes’ family

Alayna and Roland are one of my favorite couples in this entire story. Their family is very close knit–closer than any other family ever. We’ve had some laughs at the expense of young Devan and his child-like innocence, and I’m sure we can expect similar things from Anthony and even teenage Devan. Alayna’s romantic trait definitely lends for some very saucy lines which I also enjoy. Apart from their great family dynamics and constant fodder for a good plot, Alayna’s knowledge of the Pruett legacy is very important and needed as her brothers seem to not know much or care about the family history. Owen knows enough to know that he needs to have a son pronto, but what kind of an heir will that make for gen. 8? She will have to be the one to teach the gen. 8 heir about the family and his responsibilities.

Brady & family

I really don’t have much to say say about Brady and Vivianna because they are so to the story. I do know that many of you love them and have said that they are your new favorite couple. I must admit that they rank pretty high on my list as well! The pros for them staying in the house would be can finish playing through this body building career (lol), we can all see their children grow up (to a certain point…they’ll have to leave at some point in their lives), we get to see more angel & sugar bear, and we can see if Brady ever has an episode again. The cons…that just sounds so negative! The sad part of them moving out is that we won’t get to see them on a regular basis. But, you know I try to keep a good rotation going, so it’s not like we’ll never see them again (same with the Holmes’)

Watch Me Deal With the Babies

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