Pregnancy made me more creative than ever! Good thing because I was getting too big for bending over bathtubs and sinks to upgrade them. And getting on my knees in the garden was out of the question–especially during my final trimester. I wanted to be calm and relaxed for our little prince or princess to be.

My handsome man has been taking excellent care of us and has been working very hard for his next promotion. It makes me wonder though. How come his work attire is not more becoming?

It is certainly not proper attire for the king of the Wonder Kingdom! I wonder who I need to speak with to address such atrocities. His uniform may not match, but he sure is handsome!

“Did you have a good day today,” I asked.

“It was fine,” he said. “I was distracted because I kept thinking about you and the baby and hoping you wouldn’t go into labor before I got home.”

“Oh! You should not have worried. We still have a good bit of time left, and you will be on family leave tomorrow.”

He looked relieved. It will be refreshing to have him home with me tomorrow. I am quite used to being at home without him, but it is certainly sweeter when he is near. What is even more sweet is when he goes from being silent to singing sweet sonnets of love to me. He has a great voice! I think he might be embarrassed about it because he never sang to me when we were living with his family. I hope he sings to our children.

After dinner, he cleaned the kitchen for me and then came over to me to talk to the baby like he always did. But, this time he surprised me. It was almost as if he could hear my thoughts from earlier. He sang to the baby!

It was oh so attractive. His songs are very powerful. They make me feel very amorous! I just don’t know what to do with myself sometimes. So I grabbed him, bent him over backwards, and kissed him!

“Holy plumnuggets, girl,” he said. “If this is how you are when you’re pregnant, maybe you should be pregnant more often!”


“Oh, ummm…heh heh, that’s not really what I meant…oh boy…”


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