I Got This

It didn’t take me long to get a nice little routine going. I knew everything would be fine after we got over the first day with Aria. Too bad the baby stage is only three days; I was just getting the hang of it! Watch…

I wake up in the morning, and I go talk to my baby and give her what she needs.

Then I take care of my needs.

Then, I take care of the house’s needs so my wife has fewer things to be concerned about while she is at home alone with the baby.

Then, I take care of my work needs. Gotta get focused, man!

Finally, I’m off to save the day and make that money.

Boom. I got this!

The Best Mothers
Aria 2.0

2 thoughts on “I Got This”

    • lol, this is funny because last night I said I couldn’t wait until you met him and now you’re reading his adult life story 🙂 He’s just as awesome as a child and a teen.

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