Joneses – 10.6 Braggart Breanne

Before Breanne cut the cake, she dashed upstairs to her room to remove the hideous rags she aged up in. Once she was presentable, she joined her parents back in the dining room and served the cake. Bob and Eliza tried hard not to be caught looking at her new outfit, but luckily for them, she gave them an opportunity. “Do you guys like my outfit? It’s all the rage in Al Simhara!

“I have a whole closet FULL of trendy outfits from all the trend-setting nations of the world. I’m gonna look so cool!”

“So, I’m wondering if we can discuss my room?

“It’s so…third grade. I’d like something a bit more…sophisticated! A more elegant bedroom for your teenage daughter suits the high class vibe this house sends off.” She took a few more bites of her cake while Bob and Eliza were flabbergasted. “I’m thinking nice, silk curtains–imported from Champ Les Sims, of course–ooh! A Princess Cordelia bed! It’s going to be amazing!

“Oh…but, mommy. Bad people like to take Princess Cordelia beds. Maybe you should put us under surveillance or something.”

Luckily for Bob and Eliza, everyone was done with their cake, and she suggested they all head to the movies. When they arrived, Breanne had other plans. “Mommy? Can we go to a museum?”

“After the movie? I don’t see why not. It’s your birthday, dear. We’ll go wherever you want.”

“Ok, great. I feel my intelligence dropping the longer I stand in this house of tales.”

Eliza was confused and wasn’t sure if she should have been offended or not. “But…this is what you said you wanted.”

“I changed my mind. I want to go somewhere classy and look at things of value! This place has no class, and you know all the bad people hangout in movie theaters, mommy.”

Bob was trying to figure out which was worse: Breanne’s tantrums of old, or this new obsession with class and quality.

“My dear, we are already here, and your father and I are looking forward to this movie.” It was one they hadn’t seen since they were dating.

“Ugh! Fine! I will watch, but I WILL NOT enjoy it!”

Eliza and Bob’s eyes met; they both looked bewildered. The Pancakes family found the theater they were supposed to be in and took their seats. Well, Bob and Eliza sat. Breanne refused.

“Mommy! Please! Don’t make me sit through anymore of this!”
“How do you people sit here and watch this filth? I don’t know who you are anymore.”

The movie finally ended, and everyone couldn’t be happier. Eliza wasn’t sure where she had gone wrong, but it was her daughter’s special day, and she didn’t want to mess it up twice. So, they headed to San Myshuno to visit Casbaugh Gallery. Her anxieties were alleviated when she heard Breanne’s excited gasps upon arrival.

“Mommy! This place is magnificent! It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! Thank you for bringing me here.”

Bob was quite impressed too. He wasn’t into art like that, but he was open to new experiences. Breanne ran inside ahead of her parents, but this time they did not chase after her. They simply exchanged concerned glances at each other. Bob walked up behind Breanne to see what she was looking at.

“Isn’t it beautiful, daddy?”

Eliza joined them. Art wasn’t her thing either, but she would never tell anyone that. However, she was a good sport for her daughter.

After a time, the lone slice of cake in Bob and Eliza’s stomach had disappeared and requested back-up. When asked if she wanted to grab lunch, Breanne refused and continued perusing the gallery. In her former life, they would have pleaded and even bargained with her, but not this time. They were glad for a moment alone. They went to the concession area and ordered a hummus tray just in case she decided she was hungry after all.

“So,” Eliza began. “What do you think?”

He sighed. “I think the next 51 days are going to be veeery interesting.”

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