Joneses – 16.1 Management Training

The current manager of the Pancakes residence has been otherwise engaged in a project of a personal nature and has given over control to the assistant manager to train her replacement. Let’s check in with the recruits and see how they’re progressing and see if we can get any clues as to who may take over next.

Lexi still refuses to use utensils. Though Bob and Eliza are proud of Lily’s motor dexterity, some days it doesn’t matter and she still makes a mess.

It’s usually not a good thing to find the twins in the bathroom together, but sometimes they just like doing things together…no matter how weird it is.

At this point in time, it’s hard to tell who will be next in line, but no one seems to mind the lapse in management. Perhaps the lower management level ones will step up.

In other news, Bob finally got promoted! He is now in charge of catering. Eliza was happy for him, truly, but found it hard to rejoice like she wanted to given the state of her own employment…

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