Joneses – 19.5 Breanne’s Man

Breanne strode over to the Pruett’s house intending to crash Kaiden’s birthday party but found it had just ended. She wasn’t exactly bitter he hadn’t invited her. She was more determined to commence the life she was meant to live and went over there to claim her man.

Kaiden was not with the rest of the family, and she knew exactly where to find him. Much to her chagrin, he only ever thought about one thing. On her way to the basement, she grew excited to see what he looked like and how he had changed. He was already the most handsome guy she knew. Watcher help her if he were any more handsome. “Where is my birthday boyfriend,” she sang as she traipsed down the stairs.

He looked surprised to see her, but she couldn’t tell whether it was because  he didn’t expect to see her or he liked her new look.

“Breanne? H-hi! What are you–what are you doing here?” If his smile weren’t so precious, she would think he were hiding something.

“I came to wish you happy birthday, that’s what.”

“Oh, yeah. Th-thanks.”

“Oh yeah? You say it like it’s unimportant!”

He shrugged. “It’s a birthday.”

He was so nonchalant about everything. In the grand scheme of things, it was probably a good trait, but sweet llamas! Did he ever get excited about anything? “You look great!”

He blushed a little. “Thanks. S-so do you.”

Something was up. He wasn’t one to stutter. And, she could feel a nervousness emanating from him. Perhaps he was just excited about their next steps. She certainly was.

“So,” she began, “I’m here to discuss the next few months. I realize it may seem a bit hasty to begin planning right away, but I simply cannot think of a reason to wait. Even if it’s a few months out, I’d be more comfortable if we went ahead and set a date.”

His already large eyes got even larger. “A d-date?”

She huffed. “Yes a date! Gosh, Kaiden! Did you fall on your head?”

“No,” he said sheepishly.

“Ok then! So, I was thinking during the time leading up to the wedding, we could go house hunting. Oh, and of course you’ll get a job very soon so we can have some income. Oh! And–“



He looked conflicted and tried to get out whatever he wanted to say. “I…I–I don’t want to do this.”

He probably had cold feet. It was natural to have doubts especially for men as young as he. She was only slightly worried about his sincerity. “But, we discussed this!”

Frustration arose from somewhere. “YOU discussed this!”

No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t let him get away. Not after how hard she worked to keep him. Where was some sakura tea when she needed it? “You’re getting cold feet. It’s quite natural, Kaiden. I mean, starting a very powerful legacy has to be quite daunting, huh? We don’t have to talk about this now. I’ll give you a few days to get used to the idea and come back to plan it all out.”

“Breanne, stop! You’re not listening to me!!”

“Ok, ok! There’s no need to get bent out of shape. What is it?”

“I don’t want to get married to you!” His words knocked the wind out of her sails. “I don’t want to get married to anyone! At least not right now. I don’t need you planning my life, telling me what I should do and who I should be with. Just stop!”

“But, Kaiden! We discussed this. It’s what we both want!”

“You assumed this. And, it’s what you want! You never ask me what I want!”

She swatted at him. “You don’t know what you want! Every time we talk about important things, you have no idea what to say. You ought to be glad I plan things for you!”

“Besides,” she continued, “if you did you didn’t want to be with me, why didn’t you say anything? You let me think you were on board!”

“Well…I’m telling you now!”

“Oh, that’s mature, Kaiden. You know what? I’m glad I came over here so I can see what kind of man you are! We are not on the same level, Kaiden! You might be a Pruett, but you are NOT someone to forge a successful lineage with!”

Perhaps that statement should have stayed inside her head, but it was out in the world now. Maybe realizing he’s not a great catch will cause him to get himself together. Genes like his and a good family name simply could not go to waste. Unfortunately, someone else would reap the benefits. Breanne was not willing to wait.

“I’m sorry, Breanne,” he whispered. “I can’t be what you want. I’m sorry.”

“UGH! Stop apologizing and grow up already!”

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14 thoughts on “Joneses – 19.5 Breanne’s Man”

  • If anyone has to grow up, it’s her. She has all these expectations and she put them on young man who never once contributed to these discussions about the future. You can’t depend on someone who needs you to plan their life for them and a one sided relationship is not a relationship. I’m glad Kaiden finally grew a pair and did what he should have done a long time ago. If she’s not careful she’s gonna end up like Mary, married to a man who resents the life he thinks she forced him into living. Time for Breanne to work on a Plan B. Hopefully Plan B doesn’t involve duping some poor soul into becoming a Kaiden-replacement. She needs to find out who she is as an individual rather than settling for one half of a “power couple”.

  • Yay ! It’s been a long time coming , but I’m glad it’s finally here! Breanne looks so much like her mom when her face is expressive, and Kaiden is so handsome! I’m really looking forward to the next phase of his life now !

  • That pic of Breane’s surprised face had me rolling! i’m glad you got that one. lol I’m so glad Kaiden finally stood up to her. It took him ages to do that and she’s been a problem for so long. He’s so right that she needs to grow up.

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