Joneses – 2.5 Lazy Cops

Early Wednesday afternoon, Detective Pancakes received a vandalism case. It wasn’t what she really wanted, but it was something. Only thing was she would have three rookies with her to train. They were already on the scene, and she hoped that by the time she got there everything would be in order.

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“I’m seeing things! I must be seeing things!”

One of the officers jumped up at the sound of Eliza’s voice. He knew that she wasn’t someone to play with although he didn’t stop reading his book.

“You haven’t even collected samples yet??”

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The witness was moping around the scene, and Eliza just knew no one had interviewed her yet. In her own style of law enforcement, she favored witness statements above any other form of evidence and spoke with the young woman. “Excuse me, Miss…has anyone taken your statement yet?”


“If you don’t mind, I’d like to speak with you. Would you mind telling me what happened?”

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As the witness began to recant her experience, the female officer began to laugh aloud.

“Lieutenant,” Eliza barked. “I don’t see anything funny about this poor woman’s story. You’re here on a job!”

“Yeah…I know. I’m at the good part! I’ll get to it in a minute.”

Eliza shook her head as she felt the frustration rising up. She heard someone coming down the steps behind her and saw another rookie.

“Oh, hi Detective Pancakes,” the other female officer said. “I didn’t know you were here already. There was another witness here, and I got his statement. Oh, and there’s a huge mess upstairs. I collected as many samples as I could.”

“I saw that mess,” the man said. “You got to it before I did.”

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Eliza was listening although she was still trying to capture her witness’ statement. She was glad to see that at least one of the four rookies showed some initiative. “See! THIS is what you lugs should have been doing! Be more like her!”

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