Joneses – 2.6 You Wouldn’t Understand

Later that evening, Asia dropped by to say hello, but Eliza was still stewing about what happened at work.

01-23-16_2_50_45 PM

“Good heavens! What’s the matter?” Asia asked.

“Just a poop day at work.

01-23-16_2_51_00 PM

“You know…I don’t know why people want to get into law enforcement if they can’t even enforce themselves to do work!”

“Oh dear. I’m sorry you had a bad day.”

“Thanks. You didn’t come over to hear me whine. You want to go upstairs?”


That’s how Asia knew they were friends. She was the only person Eliza entertained in the casualness of her spare bedroom. Suddenly, Eliza had a thought that improved her mood.

“OH! We’re getting a hot tub!”

01-23-16_2_59_15 PM

“Oh that’s great, Eliza! Jared and I were talking about getting one, but we should probably spend the money on his rocket instead.”

Eliza sighed in satisfaction. “It’s so nice to finally get something first around here.”

Asia knew Eliza’s proclivity for fine things, but she wondered where all of this competitiveness was coming from. In the past, Eliza would simply gloat about her possessions, but as of late she had to have everything quickly and first.

“Eliza… Forgive me if I’m wrong but…why is everything a competition with you now all of a sudden? Have we done something to offend you?”

“Oh, Asia. Don’t be silly. I know I can never compete with the Pruetts.” She chuckled.

“But why compete with anyone?”

01-23-16_2_59_27 PM

Eliza let out a frustrating sigh. “You’re a Pruett. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Good heavens, Eliza! What are you implying here?”

“You’ve been a Pruett your entire adult life, Asia! You’ve always had status. You never had to fight and claw your way to the top of the social food chain. It was handed to you on a shiny silver platter! People respect you and are in awe of you simply because of your name! You can afford nice things without having to strategize and save money.”

“I beg your pardon! You know us, Eliza! You know we work hard just like everyone else! Nobody gives us anything; we earn it!”

“Asia, Asia, Asia. Don’t be so naive, my dear. Everyone knows that there is a very handsome trust fund with Jared’s name on it. It’s admirable that you guys pretend to be like the rest of us, but don’t insult me with your act.”

01-23-16_3_00_03 PM

01-23-16_2_59_57 PM

01-23-16_3_00_19 PM

“I think it’s time I said goodnight.”

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