Juliana – Chapter 137 Solutions

Time in Willow Creek: 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

Hillary outdid herself that weekend. With every meal she prepared, her cooking acumen increased. But that meal…oh boy. She made so much food, it felt like they were at a picnic instead of Sunday dinner. Jase had way too much cornbread and deviled eggs. It was a miracle he was even still awake. If she cooked like that when they lived together, he needed to either begin working out or audition for My 800 Pound Life.

“Pop Pop!”

“Heeeey, Boop Boop.”

Jase nearly died from stifled laughter each time that exchanged happened. He had been at Umbrage Manor every day for 15 months, so he knew Harold wasn’t always a stick in the mud. Still, he was caught by surprise every time he saw what a fun grandpa he was. 

Knowing how sensitive Harold was about his instruments, Jase clumsily arose to intervene. “Abbie, let Pop Pop play.”

Harold grinned. He looked proud. “Let her alone. We got ourselves a musician.”

He hoisted the baby into his lap and let her “play.” It was one of the sweetest sights Jase had ever seen, and he hoped Hillary was peeking around the corner and saw it.

Jase didn’t want to ruin the cuteness but couldn’t resist the window of opportunity he saw. Wiping his sweaty palms on his pants, he cleared his throat and hoped for the best. “Did Hillary tell you I bought a house?”

Harold grunted. Where was Hillary? He needed her to translate.

“I-I’m I’m moving next week… I’m pretty excited…” The silence induced panic. “My house is so tiny and cluttered…and there’s no yard. Abigail should have a yard, don’t you think?”

Why didn’t that man ever talk? Did he even understand where Jase was going with all that?

“Yeah…so…” he sighed, feeling defeated almost. “I’m just trying to take care of my family…which is why I wanted to talk to you…” He could have sworn he saw Harold giving him the side-eye and could have kicked himself. Get to the point, Jase! “How do you feel about Hillary moving in with me?”

“You gon marry her?”

Harold was a traditional man, but somehow the question still managed to catch him off guard. “Y-yeah! Of course…one day…soon…soonish.” Even after all those years, Harold still managed to make him feel nervous.

“It’s bout time you growed up. Be a man.”

It was hard not to take offense seeing as how he was almost 25 years old, had a good job with an excellent salary, bought his second house, and took financial responsibility for his daughter. But, Harold’s definition of manhood was clearly much different from his. Still, at least he hadn’t completely shut him down. Maybe they could all be together sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Rebecca made a fresh pitcher of iced tea and invited her baby sister to the back porch. She had many questions that required answers–namely the status of her and Jase. They were close all night even when they weren’t near each other. The loving glances across the room were telling. Why Hillary hadn’t told her about the developments in their relationship, she was not sure. But, in the rare case that she was wrong, she needed to hear it directly from Hillary’s mouth.

“Dinner was excellent. I can’t remember the last time I had a meal like that.”

Hillary grinned. “Me neither. This morning I felt like having mac ‘n cheese, and…well, everything else just kinda happened.”

Rebecca gazed admirably at the woman next to her, the bratty, lazy girl completely gone. Mama would be extremely proud of her.

“So,” she said, staring into her glass, clinking the ice cubes around, “what’s happening between you two?” She looked up in just enough time to catch the flash of surprise on Hillary’s face.

Hillary’s mouth dropped for a brief moment, and then her shoulders deflated in tandem with a deep sigh. “We’re together now.”

“Good! It’s high time it happened.”

She rolled her eyes.

Even after all the therapy she had gone through, why did she still feel the need to keep everything so close to the vest? Rebecca still received bills from Dr. Still, so perhaps she’s not done yet. Hopefully not. Something shifted, however. Hillary went from being annoyed at getting found out to a bit hesitant

“What is it?”

“Jase bought a house.”

“How nice. Good for him.”

“He, uhhh, he wants us to move in…and I want to go, but–“

“So go,” Rebecca said flatly.

“But, what about daddy? He’ll be all alone now.”

She had grown up so much but was still so young. There were so many solutions to this perceived problem. “I’ll hire a housekeeper. Or, he can stay with us if he’s keen on letting go of this place.”

Hillary looked like she knew Rebecca was right, but conflict still lingered in her eyes. The changes she had gone through were amazing to witness. Two years ago, she would have rejoiced over such solutions. Then she would have ran back to the house to start packing. It was great to see she was using that pretty head of hers. Still, she needed to be convinced. Hillary was a woman now, but she would always be her baby sister. It was hard not to treat her like a child, but this time she needed it.

“Child, listen. You need to live your life! I love that you are loyal to daddy, but whether you like it or not, we’re going to lose him too one day. You shouldn’t put your life and your little family on hold worrying about him. He wouldn’t want it. And, he expects you to leave. You’ve taken care of daddy all this time, and now I suppose it’s my turn. You let me worry about him.”

After Mama’s death, Rebecca did come by often to check on daddy. She thought he and Hillary would be too broken to function leaving her to care for them both. But, each time she went to Umbrage Manor, she found everything in order. The clothes were washed, the house sparkled, and food had been prepared. Hillary stepped up. Though Rebecca was confused, she was grateful. Hillary took care of their daddy for her, and now Rebecca needed to return the favor.

“Abigail is growing up fast. Soon enough she’ll notice Jase doesn’t live here, and then you’ll have to answer all kinds of questions you don’t want to answer!”

Perhaps she projected her own experience, but the truth was still applicable. Their relationship was just so strange, and there was no reason for them to be living apart. With Mama gone, no one would care if they were married or not.

Hillary grinned. Perhaps she had the answer she was looking for. Or, maybe she had it but needed confirmation

Early spring evenings were so pleasant. Despite how warm the afternoons were, the evenings cooled down quite nicely. The soft breeze was enough to give her a chill but not enough to run inside. Behind them, the house bustled with happiness and laughter. Abigail banged on the piano, and Axel and Kevin’s banter carried over everyone else’s. It was nice to see them getting along. They always seemed so cold toward each other.

“I can’t believe Axel is done chasing skirts.”

Hillary snorted. “can’t believe this one is around his age!”

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16 thoughts on “Juliana – Chapter 137 Solutions”

  • Axel is the only surprise tonight. Because Hillary and Jase will always be drawn to each other somehow (if moving in wasn’t gonna happen now, I’d check back in 10 years with an epilogue ) and I bet Harold was nice to a toddler once…maybe. Boyfriends, never. 😉

    But seriously Axel, how did you manage it?

    • Surprise! lol, yeah, I was hoping that would surprise you all, but don’t get too excited or worked up! LOL, it’s only halfway what you think…at least that’s how he sees it. I’m sure Averie has other ideas. 😛

      Harold was nice to all the toddlers! Even Hillary. 🙂

  • My first thought: if I don’t read this chapter , will the story never end?

    My next thought : dang, that spread looks amazing !

    Also , for the first time , I liked Rebecca ! It will work out !

    Jase was so brave !

    • He he he 🙂 The cool thing about these final chapters is that any one of them could work as the last! If I hadn’t told you how many there were it would be a game each week. Will there be another? 😀

      I need someone to make that spread for me lol. And I’m glad Rebecca grew on you!

  • So many feels this chapter….wrapping up feels too! Boo…. But it is wrapping up nicely. Everyone is growing and learning. So sad that it was mostly because they lost their mother, wife, mentor….and caregiver. She took care of everyone and sadly they didn’t learn to take care of themselves very well. So many good intentions. But they did learn from her and are now finally putting those learnings to use. They still miss her.

    Harold and Abigal – soooo sweet.

  • When I read Rebecca’s reaction, I realized your sims eventually always end up doing the right thing. 🙂 No argument about who’s going to take care of Harold. In that particular scene I wondered what would Hillary do, if Rebecca said, “I can’t do this, I am too busy taking care of my kids, I have a demanding job. Why Jase doesn’t move in? You can take care of daddy. Or Axel can move in and do something for the family for once, he’s been selfish his whole adult life. Why should be us girls doing all the hard work? 😀

    • They don’t always do the right thing, but with only 3 more chapters to go, it would behoove them to do the right thing lol. This is one story I want to end wrapped up in a pretty bow. Other stories, not so much. 😛

  • AWWWWW!!!!!! MY PICTURE!!!!!

    The payoff was amazing too. I loved every line in that picture and Harold lovin his little grand daughter and teaching her the piano. OMG. /dieofcute

    And there’s my girl Averie!! I adore her – she’s so dang cute. Axel is doing well for himself.

    Jase and the conversation with Harold “Does the man ever speak??” haha.

    And finally – the sisters. I’m so glad Rebecca has gained a new level of respect for Hillary and also knowing that Rebecca has been stopping by and will continue to do so. If Harold does want to sell the house – I imagine he won’t honestly – but knowing that Rebecca and fam would take Harold in is wonderful too. Maybe Harold can have some time with his other grand kids for a while too and let them get to know him better.

    and ps – OMG that spread! I’m hungry … little boop boop eating that big plate of salmon herself was hilarious!!!

    • I laughed at that plate of salmon too. Darn sims! LOL

      Glad the piano scene didn’t disappoint! You know I’ve been looking forward to it too. And yes to Averie! Has she really been able to tame Axel’s wild heart? Hopefully so!

      Maybe now that the bedrooms will be empty, Rebecca will drop the two youngest kids off for the weekend some time! Whatever happens, Harold will be just fine! 😀

  • Awww yay! I’m so glad Harold gave his blessing (in his Harold-way of course haha) and everything is working out for Jase and Hillary. And it was so nice to see her and Rebecca talking too. And Axel with a steady girlfriend It’s all wrapping up so nicely 🙂

  • This was really awesome! That first pic really set the mood for the chapter and even put a lump in my throat. <3 I love Harold and Abigail. Soooo sweet.

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