Juliana – Chapter 16 The Letter

Time in Willow Creek: 4 months, 1 week, 3 days

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(translated for your understanding)

Dearest Mamá,

There are so many things I have to tell you…I do not know where to begin! First, I am glad to say that I am well. I am safe, and I am enjoying my new life here. But, before I go on, I must ask for your forgiveness. I wanted to hate you so much, and I cried the entire journey here. I was so scared and didn’t understand why you would do this to me. But, I did understand, and that’s why I couldn’t hate you. Can you forgive me for wanting to?

I was homeless for weeks when I first arrived. The parks here are nice, and there is always food around. I saw other people sleeping in the park, so I figured it was safe and I slept there too. There is a gymnasium that is always open. I bathed there. There is an art gallery with easels for public use! I spent a lot of time there painting. It was the only thing that made me happy. Oh, mamá! They have libraries! I used to go there and sit. Although I couldn’t read the books, I just enjoyed being around them and inhaling their musty scent. Remember the first time we travelled to the city and went inside the library? That was one of the best days.

This is a funny place. Everyone lives in such large homes, but apparently they are not rich. They have rooms in their homes they don’t even use all the time! They go to parties, restaurants, museums and all the places the rich people at home go, but that is normal life here. But the thing about it is, they do not behave like the rich people at home. The people here are kind (most of them) and helpful. That’s what I want to tell you the most. I am living with a family called Humphries. The wife’s name is Harriett, and she is an angel. She saved me. She was nice to me, and when I went to her for help, she invited me into her home! I was not expecting such kindness from a stranger. I thought she would just give me a meal, allow me to wash and nap, and tell me where I could find a shelter. But, she gave me a room in her house, buys me clothes, and takes good care of me. She doesn’t say, but I know she loves me like her own. At least that’s how she treats me. She is even teaching me Simlish. She has a daughter. Her name is Hillary. She is my best friend. She wears a necklace just like mine, and her papá gave it to her too. She is four years older than me. We go places and do things together and have so much fun. Then there is Mr. Humphries, the husband. He is intimidating just like Señor Da Silva! His name is Harold. I used to think he was mean, but I saw he could be nice. He still makes me nervous though.

Sometimes I still cry at night when I think about home, but I accept that this is my home now. I understand why you sent me here, and I promise I won’t let you down. I have not considered what I am to do yet. I love and appreciate Harriett for allowing me to live here, but I know I cannot stay here forever. But, I’m glad she’s not rushing me because I think I would be afraid to be on my own right now. I’ve learned so much about this culture, but I don’t know how everything works yet.

Mamá, I miss you all the time! Hug and kiss the little ones for me please. I know it is very unlikely we will see each other again, and I know it is possible you may not be able to write back. Know that I love you so much! I appreciate what you have done for me, and if the heavens smile upon us and bless us with the opportunity to see each other again, I would run into your arms and squeeze you until you ask me to let you go…and I wouldn’t let go! I’d kiss your face and lay my head in your lap until I slept. But, if I never get to do those things, know there is a family here who love me and take good care of me. They will never love me like you do, but they love me enough. I hope you are well and the situation there is not dire. If you can, will you just let me know you are alive? That would be enough.

I love you forever and ever and ever!


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