Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Owen waited until his twins’ young adult birthday to take them shopping like he had planned. He was still getting to know them and didn’t know what they would like, so shopping at the new plaza seemed appropriate enough.

The new shopping promenade was part of Willow Creek’s transforming identity as a place of commerce, high tech, and innovation. It was just what they needed too so high wealth Sims like the Pruetts could have a place to spend their money.

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Ryan and Kiara had never been shopping before. The Gabriels pretty much kept them inside most of the time for fear of them running into Owen–not that he would have known who they were, of course. But, it wasn’t just the shopping that made them happy. It was just being out. They were now free to meet people and mix and mingle as they pleased. They were finally entitled to have a life, and they were living it to the full.

The first stop was the clothing store. They enjoyed trying on clothes and looking like they had money.

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04-11-15_12-13 AM

[sigh] This is the life!

04-11-15_12-14 AM

Hmph! I must say, Kiara…you look GOOD!

04-11-15_12-15 AM

“Nice outfit,” Owen said. “Are you going to get it?”

“I would love to, but it costs §219.”

“Kiara…you’re a Pruett! You can afford whatever you want now! Get the outfit if you like it.”

“Really, dad?”


“Thank you!”

“Happy birthday, kid.”

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