Chapter 13 – No Words

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  • Love it! I’ve been wanting to do some “no words” chapters for a bit! This one, especially coming after that difficult last chapter, is so brilliant! We can fill it all in. And I often have the feeling that Juliana experiences life with no words…

  • Ok I didn’t want to spam you in every chapter so I will give you a summary of all the things I loved about season one. Love Harriette’s spunk and zeal to do the right thing. When I cam to the states in my twenties I too was homeless and a family very much like Harriette and her daughter took me in, so I am instantly invested. When I first started reading Harold’s character I was like ‘dude needs a lobotomy’ but now that I know his story well now there is a reason to his behavior (still doesn’t make it right just better understood). Hillary is incredible love love love her character and how she loves herself despite her verbal and mental abuse via her dad growing up. Juliana…wow her backstory is incredible and believable and gosh she is just so likable. you are so spot on with your written accent (there is such a thing!) that I cant even contain myself…It sounds like my mothers beautiful thick Spanish accent and I could just kiss her on the cheek for her sweet sweet spirit. However, I can’t stand Axel, but I love some of his lines as they are priceless…speaking of lines that I loved here are my favorites in this story: “Bowl of grumpy’os”, “They call me Axe because I just be choppin’ em down…” “…you’re not one of them dope addicts are you?” “..What in the cow plants!” (<–may have to steal that one but promise to give you credit omg how I love it) "She was out like a broken lamp" "..She is a cute little brown thing…" —— I love that thus far your stories are such a separate piece of literature I have not seen the Pruette's bleed into any of these characters and that is the sign of a brilliant writer 😉 —- can't wait to read the next season Ms. Jes2G!!!

    • ACCCKKKK!!! You read this! 😀 Feel free to spam my chapters anytime; spam is delicious :-p lol
      Thank you so much! So many compliments…I need to go hide now lol. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this! And how cool is it that you could actually identify with Juliana?! Where are you from? I want to bring this story back so bad, and I will! I have the entire next season planned out, but for some reason I’m having trouble writing that initial chapter and I don’t know why. However, I think about this story a lot which is a good sign. Hopefully it will return sooner rather than later. Yay!

      • I came from Puerto Rico (my mom is Puertorican my dad Venezuelan). I came to the states on my own in my early twenties as I was accepted as a ‘celebrant singer’ in California (some christian group if you google them you may get a laugh or two cause they are a bit corny, good memories though) – then I settled in FL shortly after my run, which is when I faced my bout of homelessness I knew I didn’t want to go back to PR, but I didn’t know where to go from there…and my ‘Harriette’ saved me 😉 …Oh I know how you feel about knowing where you want to go with a story but seriously how do you start it!!?? I feel your pain. But seriously loved the first season cant wait for the second one 🙂

  • I loved this wordless chapter <3 But I'm sad this season is over! I'm very much looking forward to what's to come! 🙂

  • Ooooh this really did sum up life for Julianna I loved that as amazing as Harriett is, everyone is giving her the cold shoulder right now as honestly she really should have thought about fixing Julianna up with Axel and introduced them at a family meal or something not a ‘date’ situation!!

    • So true. What’s that they say about the road to good intentions? Strewn with what? Story of Harriett’s life lol. I don’t understand how she thought it would remotely work. I mean, I should because I wrote it lol. But I don’t lol. She kinda explains her thought process in the next chapter, but it’s kinda lame. Well, what she tells Juliana is lame lol. She didn’t completely give her the entire story because reasons. YAY YOU FINISHED! 😀 Enjoy season 2!

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