Pruett Family Picture Day

Myra is full is great ideas these days. One day, while the triplets were at school and Lance was still asleep, she was thinking about her new family. She grew up in orphanages and group homes, so she never had a real family. One of the best things about being married to Lance was being grafted into a rather large family. She thought it would be an awesome idea to get the entire family together and take pictures. It took her about two weeks to coordinate, but it finally happened. First she had to figure out who everyone was, who’s still alive, and where everyone lived. Then she had to get the thing scheduled–that was the worst part. Finally, she hired a very talented photographer from CAS Photography (Creative Aesthetic Scenes 😉 ). This photographer is very good and doesn’t come cheap, but she is very demanding. Oh, and if you book her, make sure you keep your children under control. Here is her work!

Ok, can we get the Pruetts in front of the canvas, please? Oh, right, you’re all Pruetts. All right, Lance and Myra Pruett and family then. Very good. On the count of three, smile. One, two, three, [snap].


Perfect! You folks are naturals. Ok, let me get, ummm…where is my list? Hey you kid!! Give me my list back! Parents, PLEASE control your children! Ok…Allen and Harley Jean and children. You’re up. Stand right here please…ok…that’s good. One, two, three, [snap].


Ok…little boy, that’s a bit much. And Allen…can you at least fake like you want to be here please? Thank you. Again! [snap]


Good! Thank you. Alrighty…Cadence and Cameron. LATE?! ARRRRG!!! I HATE tardiness!! If they aren’t here by the time the session is over, the rate will be increased one a half times! I don’t care if they have two babies. I have a schedule to keep! Next! Melody Sheridan and family. Hello ladies. Step right up. Beautiful! One, two, three [snap].


Ok…as cute as that was, I’m sure that’s not going in the photo album. You’re still paying for it though. Let’s get serious. One, two, three [snap].


Very nice, ladies! Very nice. All right…Kolby and family please. What? What do you mean Kolby is dead? Why would you put a dead person’s name on my list?! Is the family here? Well ok then! Sheesh! Come on y’all. Is she seriously wearing shades inside…in my picture?! Does she think she’s a celebrity or something? And what’s up with the Sunlit Tides shirt? Whatever…it’s your picture. [snap]


Hmm…it’s ok…ummm, mother, I know you’re old and arthritic, but could you stand up straight please? Take your time. Ok. One, two, three [snap].


Uhh, little Miss Lady, would it kill you to smile? Again! [snap]


Better! I don’t know what it is…maybe it’s the Island Paradise shirt, but I just feel like you guys have one more in you. Think red carpet and paparazzi. One, two, three [snap].


Yes! YES! Ok…are the babies here yet? Still?? Guuuh! Ok…Quinton. You’re single? Oh good. This should be easy. Give me your best “hey ladies, I’m available” pose. One, two, three [snap].


Excellent! Thank you. Skylar and family, next! Another dead guy?! Come on, Myra! Will the family of the other dead guy please stand up. Whoa…there’s a lot of you! Everyone squeeze in close. One, two, three [snap].


Good enough for me. What? Oh good…they’re here? Well get them up here quickly! I’m a very busy Sim, and people pay good money for me. Are y’all ready? Ok. One, two, three [snap].


Ummm…why don’t you go take care of that first…quickly….Ok, we’re ready? One, two, three [snap].


Mrs. Clemons! The camera is up here! AGAIN! [snap]


Seriously? [sigh] Fine…change the baby….ALL RIGHT! Let’s try this again! One, two, three [snap].


Ok, Mrs. Clemons, I know the babies are a little fussy, but please look at the camera and SMILE please! AGAIN!! [snap]


REALLY?! Am I getting punked?? What did these kids eat? PLEASE take care of them…for good!!!



FINALLY!!! That will do. I have to say, little Miss Clemons…you are a trooper and so photogenic. I will snap your picture anytime.

Is that everyone? Good. Here is your invoice. I only accept electronic payments. Good day, folks.

Did you see some new faces? Stay tuned! You’ll meet them very soon.

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