Read-a-thon: Chapter 11

In season 2, I struggled with how well Juliana’s Simlish should be. She speaks and understands pretty well after the first few chapters—maybe a little too well. However, I was thinking that it would be a slap in Harriett’s face if Juliana didn’t speak well. Juliana lives with Harriett, so she’s always in school. As you can see in chapter 11 and 12, Harriett is quick to jump on Juliana’s mistakes and correct them. I would assume that after a few rounds of that, Juliana wouldn’t make those mistakes anymore. Also, Juliana is learning by immersion which is the absolute best (and fastest) way to learn a language. If you recall your high school and college years, you or someone you know knew wanted to study abroad for a year so you could come back home fluent in said language. Well, by the end of season 2, Juliana will be in Willow Creek for 11 months and change. Methinks it’s ok that her skills are quite good.

Hillary meeting Don Lothario in this chapter is not something you’ll want to forget. 😉 Honestly, I didn’t plan for anything to come of this. I just thought it was cool that he was looking at her and snapped a picture. I wanted her to meet someone who wasn’t good for her. I had no idea it was going to be Don though. Actually, the only character I actually planned the meeting for was Jase. Rebecca, Don, and even Kevin happened because they were there. Like I said before, season 1 was a lot less planned than season 2 is.


Fun Fact: This entire story was birthed from CAS! It was my first time creating a new Sim from one of those “prefabricated” faces. Juliana was who came out! There was something about her face that intrigued me. It was her eyes! They looked so sad, and I felt sorry for her. Naturally, I asked myself why I would feel sorry for a Sim who doesn’t even have a life yet lol. I know there is no such thing as race within the confines of the game, but I like to look at my Sims and assign a nationality to them. I decided she looked like she came from some Spanish-speaking country. That’s when the questions started rolling in which formed the premise for the story. What would happen if someone from another country were dumped in another country? How would they survive? What if someone found that person and took them in? What would happen? I made Juliana become that person, and the story was born!

Enjoy this teaser from season 2!

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