Read-a-thon: Chapter 8

I had two goals for this chapter; they were minor details but important to the rest of the story. On the surface, you probably assumed this chapter was about how awesome Harriett is, but that wasn’t my goal at all; we already established how awesome she was a couple of chapters ago. This chapter was actually about Hillary. I wanted to establish her good nature before I brought out her darkness. True, when she’s at home, she behaves very well, but I don’t think it’s fake. I think she means everything she says and intends to be a good person. You can see at the very end I introduced just a hint of darkness with the playing with Jase conversation. I wanted to make you wonder who this Jase person was and what their relationship was like, and that leads me to my second goal of introducing Jase on sly before you meet him properly.

Chapter 8 – Caring for Juliana


Fun Fact: I’m terrible at naming stories, and I had zero idea what I wanted to name this story. I knew I wanted it to be something about Juliana’s journey because it’s intended to be a coming of age story, but names escaped me. I asked a few writer friends for suggestions, and carewren123 (again!) came up with Discovering Juliana, and I loved it!

Enjoy this teaser from season 2!

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