The Chapel

The Chapel is a venue that I built and is available to download in the community! I like that TS4 has naturally scenic places to get married, unlike TS3. However, I miss the variety of venues to choose from to have an awesome wedding. So…I made one! Of the venues are are available, the Sim still has to do a lot of work. For example, the nightclub has a bar and  a piano, but there is no place for a caterer. The museum has a piano but no bar or kitchen. I wanted a place where you would able to hire a mixologist, musician, and a caterer–a one stop shop! I wanted a unique looking venue where Sims could have a legendary party, but I still wanted the feel of an outdoor, garden wedding. So, the “chapel” area where the wedding is performed is technically in a room inside of the building, but the lack of a roof in the middle gives it that nice open air feel. I love buildings (in real life) that have that indoor/outdoor thing going on.

Here are a few pictures of venue. I think I did a totally awesome job, if I may say so LOL. Feel free to download it and try it out for your next upscale Sim wedding. I don’t feel this place fits in any of the predetermined categories of buildings in TS4, so originally I labeled it as generic; But it wasn’t available as a wedding venue. Unfortunately, you’ll need to categorize it as a nightclub, lounge, museum or park to get it to show up as an eligible wedding venue. I labeled mine as a night club, and because it has a bar, someone works there as a mixologist so saves you the $250 you would have needed to hire one. However, the caterer didn’t go work in the outdoor kitchen, so not sure what’s up with that. And I didn’t appreciate that the piano guy only played for like an hour.

My username is Jes2G, and you may add me as a friend on Origin if you just want to download it directly from my gallery.

10-14-14_6-04 PM-2

10-14-14_6-03 PM

(cake not included lol)

10-14-14_6-03 PM-2

Another Renovation

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