Toddlers, Toddlers Everywhere!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or perhaps on vacation, you know we got toddlers yesterday! Naturally, I ran straight home and aged down the Pruetts, Joneses, and Juliana and friends. I simply had to share everyone with you. Without further ado, here are my babies! Enjoy.

Pruett Family Legacy

Generation 1

It all started with this little handsome dude!

Xavier Pruett

I didn’t begin saving my Sims until generation 5, so unfortunately I do not have Donovan, Joy, Ava, and Aiden.

Generation 4

This generation was so fun! I began saving Sims with Jayden, and I recreated Jasmine, so we do not have Jayla. Hover over the pictures to see the names.

Generation 5

Ahhh, where things began to get complicated and beautiful!

Generation 6

Generation 7

Generation 8

Generation 9

I didn’t have Janessa’s family saved, so we don’t get to see what Aldo would look like.

Generation 10

I kinda forgot about Mark, but I didn’t have him saved anyway. Also missing is Juliana.

And, we can’t forget about Aubrey in our alternate reality!

Aubrey Pruett


Keeping Up With the Joneses

I never intended for the Joneses to have another child, and I haven’t saved a recent copy of their family yet, so we don’t have Phoenix. However, I’d imagine her to look more like Mary.

Discovering Juliana

I don’t know how or why I would throw my original copies of Axel and Rebecca out, but I cannot find them.


Kevin is like hands down, drop the mic cutest baby out of this entire crop!!

Oh! One more…me! I have a picture that kinda looks like this too!

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