What’s been going on with River and Melody?

When Melody asked River if everything would be fine, she was thinking about their finances. It didn’t occur to her that other things could change.

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“Ugh,” he yelled. “Figure skating again? Where is the game??” Ever since they moved into their new home and bought the new flat-screen TV, River had been discovering all he had been missing while not experiencing the sports channel in glorious HD.


“Yeah, what’s up, bae?” His eyes were still glued to the TV although he was very disappointed with its current program.

“After dinner, I was thinking we could catch a movie after the boys are asleep,” she said with hope. While River was rediscovering sports, Melody was rediscovering the movie channel–mainly the romantic comedies…of course.

“How about tomorrow? I told the guys I’d meet them tonight.”


Although her back was to him, he knew her eyes were rolling. He could hear it in her voice. “Mel…please. Don’t be like that.”

Over the last few years, as her patience grew thinner, her passive aggression grew thicker. “You know what…it’s fine. Go enjoy your boyfriends…”

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2.1 Neither Fish Nor Fowl

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