Xavier Pruett: The Pre-story

My mom always told me I was hard-headed. I don’t agree. I say I am determined–ambitious even! I know what I want, I go after it, and I don’t stop until I get it!

A few days after my high school graduation, my mom was ragging on me about going to college.

“I don’t need college, mom! College is for chumps!”

She gave me one of those “oh yeah??” mama looks, went into my room and started packing my things!

“MOM! What are you doing??”

“You think you’re gonna sit around here eating up my food, using my electricity with no job?? You must be crazy. You go to college, get a job, or get out. What’s it going to be?”

I took one last look at her, and then I walked out. I didn’t need her. I didn’t need anyone! I’ll be fine all by myself!!

Chapter 1: New Life

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