3D: Real Talk

“Can I have two Sea of Fires, please?”

“So, what’s the latest, cuz? It seems there’s never a dull moment in your house.”

Jonathan snorted and rolled his eyes. “You’re telling me! I just found out my son acts like a little devil when he’s away from home!”

Derek howled. “Oh, that’s too rich! I knew he was too good to be legit!”

He sucked his teeth. “Whatever! Just because your son is a terror doesn’t mean everybody’s kid is.”

“That’s true! But, my son is bad and I know he’s bad!”

“How do you just let him be bad? It doesn’t get on your nerves?”

“He’s a toddler! They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.”

“I don’t accept that. Kids need structure and a little discipline!”

“HA! Like your daughters had discipline.”

Jonathan gasped. “My daughters were perfect little angels!”

“Ok, so Aubrey was a perfect little angel.”

The cousins shared a laugh and sipped their drinks while Jonathan recanted the story of Oliver’s meltdown at his sister’s house. After a brief lull in the conversation, Derek wanted to regress to the previous topic.

“So, uhh…Aubrey still dating that boy?”

Jonathan felt a brief internal struggle, but he put on a smile. “Yes. She and Julio are still together.”

Derek raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly.


“Nothing.” He took another sip of his drink.


He tried to wave him away. “Nothing, man. It’s none of my business.”

“Come on, Derek. You’re not gonna tell me anything I haven’t heard or already thought.”

Derek sighed. “Real talk? I think it’s foul.”

Although Jonathan was a little bit caught off guard, he understood. At one point he felt the same way. But, he learned and was still learning to live with it. “I hear you.”

“I mean…you can’t seriously be ok with it.”


“I’m serious, man! After all his father did to our family, you of all people should want to stop it.”

Jonathan attempted to smile. “Your daughter…is she dating yet?”

“Heh, I wish a plumhead would!”

He chuckled. “When she begins dating, you’ll understand.”

“Man, please. Ain’t nobody going nowhere with MY baby!”

Jonathan shook his head at his cousin. “Let me explain it this way. I can either get with it and keep my daughter or forbid it and damage my relationship with her. Besides, we shouldn’t punish him for what his father did.”

Derek snorted. “Sounds like Skyla talking.”

“You know I didn’t arrive at that conclusion on my own.” They laughed. “But seriously, the kid is cool. He’s nothing like his father.”

“Let’s hope not.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

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