Chapter 45: No So Baby Brother

My baby brother, Jared–who is no longer a baby–is an amazing young man. He’s way more independent than I was. Ever since dad bought him all that space stuff, that’s all he ever talked about:  being an astronaut and going into space. He tinkered at that rocket night and day, until one night he did go to space!

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He came back with an incredible story to tell…and some very interesting seeds I’ll get mom to plant. But, let’s back up a few years. Jared started walking around the neighborhood meeting people. One night he met this girl named Asia, and I must say that he was bitten by the love bug. Between the rocket and Asia, that’s all he ever thought about.

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They hung out for a while before he made her his girlfriend. And then, of course, he gave her a promise ring. I wonder where he got that idea from!

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10-28-14_6-42 PM

10-28-14_6-42 PM-2

They are a very cute couple, and I wish them all the best. Asia is a little younger than he is, so he’s focusing on his career right now while he waits for her 18th birthday.

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