Chapter 5: Silver Linings

I recognized that the pain in my heart something I was just going to have to learn how to deal with. What I didn’t recognize until months later was that I wasn’t dealing with the pain as well as I thought I was. I thought that getting back on the horse would be the best way to get over all of my heart breaks, but that wasn’t the best idea. I even noticed that I had gained quite a bit of weight! I needed to get control of the situation quickly!

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I got back in the gym, and I started focusing on my work again. I even got the promotion I had been looking for! I thought if I filled my life with stuff I wouldn’t feel the pain; but, I did. I felt it the most every time I remembered I had an important birthday coming up. I was no longer going to be a spring chicken, and I desperately needed to find the right woman!

I started looking again, although I was still technically with Sandra. I never actually broke up with her. We just stopped talking. I figured if I found someone else, then I would officially break up.

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Again, no woman was right. In the back of my mind, I was still comparing them to Stella–even Sandra! Although Sandra treated me like dirt and humiliated me one time too many, there was something about her I just couldn’t get over. Poor women. They never stood the chance!

One night I was at the club, and I was speaking to several women. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Sandra was also in the club. She saw me flirting with someone and it did something to her! She never said anything to me about it. ‘Til this day she won’t even admit that she saw me flirting. All I know is that her attitude toward me changed. Maybe during the time that we were apart and seeing someone with me made her realize what a good catch I was. She started coming by my house more often, called more often, and she would flirt with me! I was like whoa…what’s this?!

After a few weeks of us working on our issues, I decided to revisit the idea of marriage. This time, she was more receptive!

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What a great way to begin the new part of my life! I did not want to waste anytime, so we got wedding plans together for the very next day–my birthday! Before the ceremony, I went to look at the wedding arch. I was so happy to finally be at that place. It was a bittersweet moment as I reflected over my life. It took almost my whole life to get there! It almost made me mad, but I was comforted to know that in just a few minutes I would finally be married.

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Before we said our vows, Sandra told me that she wanted to tell me something after the ceremony. I didn’t want to wait, so I had the minister to perform the ceremony right where we stood in the museum!

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“What did you want to tell me?”

“I just wanted to apologize for how I treated you all those months.”

“Yeah, you were pretty rough on me! I still can’t believe that you turned me down twice.”

“I know. I just get so guarded when I’m in a relationship. I’ve been hurt so many times, and a lot of guys just want me for my money! I just wanted to know that you loved me for me and not what I have.”

“You have money??”

“Yes, dear. WE have money.”

“Oh, Sandra!”

09-17-14_9-21 PM

The day after the wedding, we were so busy with the contractors remodeling the house, getting Sandra moved in and settled, Sandra starting a new job, and adjusting to married life, we completely overlooked my birthday. It went right passed me, but it didn’t bother me though. I was still on cloud nine from the ceremony.

09-17-14_10-41 PM

09-17-14_10-42 PM

After the remodel was finished and life settled down, Sandra and I were able to enjoy each other as married couples should.

09-17-14_10-44 PM

“You know I’m gonna get you pregnant, right?”


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