Joneses – 15.8 One Last Time

Apart from delicious eye candy, a friendship with Nick Broussard had its advantages. His dad managed the Windenburg Arcade in Oasis Springs, so game nights were always on him. They got as many tokens as they wanted as well as one free drink. Hanging out with Nick was always a good time but even better when it didn’t cost anything.

The other day when Kori and Phoenix’s new friendship formed, they talked about her feelings. She shared her mother’s advice, and Kori agreed. Phoenix was not opposed to asking him, but she held out hope for him expressing how he felt first. So, she and her new ally formed a plan. Phoenix wanted one last hurrah before she took the plunge and risked everything to tell him. They planned to hang out after school with everyone but really just Nick and Kaiden. To make it seem more innocent and less contrived, Kori extended the invitation. Phoenix made sure she looked amazing and hoped Kaiden thought so.

The ladies conveniently “lost” the other two unwanted members of the group by challenging Nick and Kaiden to a game of foosball. The girls vs. boys tournament didn’t end well for the ladies for they did not frequent the arcade much. So, Kori came up with a brilliant idea for a re-match.

“How about me and Nick play against you and Kaiden?”

Inside, Phoenix was doing somersaults. Kori got it! And she took control of the situation so perfectly. Either she really wanted to be friends with her, or she really hated Breanne. Either way, Phoenix felt so lucky to have her on her side.

There were good moments she wished would last forever like when it was obvious that she and Kaiden made a good team.

“Gimme some.”

There were other moments she wished she could erase like when her temper got the best of her as it often did.

At the end of the night, it was all good. They had a great time, shared some laughs, and created some memories. If nothing came of it, at least they had fun. Phoenix would have to find out if her plan was a success when she spoke with him later.

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